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Blistered Ass

Girls Boarding School
Kelly was caught smoking again! This is not taken lightly at the Girls Boarding School where paddle strokes are administered for such infractions.
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slave cropped

A few of my girls get trained as little service slaves. When they do, they only get a few rules that they have to follow, I’m not all that demanding after all. I like to relax, I like to have a nice beer when I am by the pool, and the girls have to be available for when I want them to bring me something else. Not too cruel, I think, or too much to expect. That does mean that when a girl can’t follow those simple rules, I tend to be especially harsh in their punishment, so they truly discover what it means when they screw up such simple instructions.

Today was a perfect day for that too, one of the first beautiful days coming out of the summer, so a bit of time by the pool was definitely in order. Wouldn’t you know it though, this time my little service slave let the beer get warm before she made it out to the pool. It’s only a couple hundred feet, how does that happen? Well, that’s something that definitely needed correction, and I have a simple little cane there to reinforce the lesson too, as I made her bend over and I caned her ass until I left welts. Then I let her feel the difference between a cold beer, and a warm one. I think she got the message this time all right.

See her beating HERE

Samantha and Katherine

Turning one girl’s ass red is certainly a pleasure, especially when they lack a certain discipline they can only get with the corporal punishment we offer. Just as girls seem to get themselves in bigger trouble when they have a partner, they usually also need to have their discipline taken with a partner. It’s much more affecting when they get to see the results of their misbehavior, especially when it’s applied to their partner in crime just as much to their own body.

Samantha Woodley and Katherine St James manage to get each other into more trouble than they ever get into alone. The two just know how to provoke the worst from each other, so it’s only suitable that their punishment ends up together as well. Kyle Johnson explains to them exactly how much they need the discipline before he forces them over the ottoman and has them pull down their clothes for an appropriate punishment. The two of them take over one-hundred and thirty blows with the tawse before Kyle is satisfied with the reminder bruises they have over their asses and will have for several days.

Watch this intense tawse spanking HERE

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outdoor caning

Let’s face it, quite a few dominants are show offs. If they don’t have their audience they tend not to put forward their best efforts. A few cane smacks, and a bit of rope so their little submissive sluts won’t escape, and then they want their submissive girls witht heir pussies spread and ready for them nice and wet. I do enjoy showing off, it’s true, but it’s not worth it if they get different treatment in front of the cameras as they get off, it makes the punishments much less effective. Sometimes I have to remind them of that.

One of my friends wanted to know how I disciplined my girls when in private, and since he was curious, I figured I would let him get an idea. Luckily we managed to get one of the nice lovely days, so we went outside, where he saw one of my favorite girls tied, bent over, and supported with just a tight pussy rope between her thighs. That left her ass and thighs quite exposed, and I made sure to give her quite the beating, and made sure she ended up with welts from top to bottom. When we were done with this hot little painslut my friend asked her if I always treated her like this during punishments, and she gratefully told him ‘of course’.

Go HERE to watch her get a nicely striped ass.

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spanking training

We like to put our girls through all sorts of discipline tests, to see if they take instructions properly, and know how to behave when given orders. They get tested in a variety of ways, and if they fail at any stage they suffer the consequences. We strip of their modesty, of their objection, and finally of their reservation to following orders at the last, so they jump to attention immediately if we need them for any reason.

Amelia Rutherford took to the discipline training readily from our military instructors. Soon she learned to strip and present her nice and round ass on command, like a proper little spanking bottom. It takes some drilling before we are satisfied with her performance, but she gets the training will enough. Her reward? She receives a bare ass spanking with a harsh leather paddle. Amelia takes over seventy strokes with the leather paddle without a break before we finally finish with her, and her ass has a nice rosy look. She suffers through it gracefully, even despite the intense spanking.

Watch the video and see the free gallery HERE

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blond slut gets otk spanking

Some girls go out there looking for trouble, and they aren’t happy until they are caught. For them, the punishment is the best part of the mischief, so they will try more outrageous stunts until someone finally comes along and bends them over and gives them the consequences for their actions. When that happens, they may protest, and squirm, and moan, and try and get away, but you can see them sink down and get into the hot feeling of a hand across their backsides. Soon, it’s not squirming and moans of pain that come from them, because they can’t hide how turned on they are.

This time there’s a trio of women that have managed to get themselves into all sorts of trouble. Sarah Gregory is just the ringleader for these three, but all three of them are due for a proper punishment. Luckily, we have someone there whom is ready and willing to administer their proper punishment. Each one of these naughty women gets their punishment in turn. With our experienced spanker, there is no chance of his hand getting tired before all three of them have red asses and tears streaming down their cheeks.

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black girl gets spanked OTK

Lola Marie takes a bit of time in the evenings to make some extra cash as a web-cam model. Since all the boys love seeing her toys sliding in and out of her perfect little pussy, she makes quite a few bucks at it. It’s a shame she never got approval from the landlord about running her own little business out of her apartment, so when he finds out he’s more than a little mad at her. He knows just the way he can repay her though, and that’s by turning her ass a nice dark bruise color with a hard, long spanking. She doesn’t think she can take the intensity, but he certainly proves her ass can take a tanning before he’s done.

CLICK HERE to see Lola punished.

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xenia whipped

Some of my girls are quite good little service girls, but they do sometimes think that gives them certain…rights that they just don’t have. Xenia in particular may be a hot little cock-sucker, but when she thinks that means she can throw a temper tantrum when someone else wanted some of my time she needs very specific correction. I generally can’t think of a better way to humiliate her then to have my newest whip her as punishment. She may have started a little clumsily, but she soon got into the rhythm, and soon Xenia was covered from her tits to her pussy in red welts.

Watch Xenia whipped and punished. CLICK HERE

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welted ass

I do so enjoy finding the ‘sweet spots’ on my little painsluts. Many of my submissive little toys have spots that just take the lightest touches and it sets them off begging and pleading for some kind of relief. It makes my job so much easier, because I know just where to strike them, or stroke them with my various toys where they will just beg and plead, and I have to do barely anything at all. Of course, each of my beautiful treasures that suffer for me have different…tastes in their pain, so I have to explore and find the weakness in each of them.

It didn’t take much to find the weak points in this little blonde fox. She would pose nude, show off her tight little pussy and her pretty breasts, as long as she was in control and she only showed what she wanted. As soon as I strung her up and spread her legs open wide for me, and she couldn’t close them anymore she was begging, pleading for me to stop. I hadn’t even touched her yet! Well, that just wouldn’t do, because I wanted to make sure every inch of her oiled, tanned thighs, ass and pussy were covered in lovely welts from my toys.

See how red her skin can get. CLICK HERE!

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spanked through her panties

Some girls are used to getting what they want with just a little smile, and a little white lie. They get so accustomed to no one questioning them because they are cute that they become little terrors that just don’t know how to deal with not getting what they want. Those girls often require a dose of rather strict discipline before they understand that their actions can have consequences, and it’s usually the old-fashioned methods that work the best. It takes a firm hand for many of these girls to get the message that their behavior is unacceptable.

This time Sarah’s Aunt Tasha caught her in a lie when she found out Sarah stayed over at her boyfriend’s place for the night. Sure, Sarah may be legal, but while she stays in her Aunt’s house, her aunt reserves the right to make sure she comes home. Sarah flippantly lied when her Aunt asked her whereabouts, and Aunt Tasha was having none of that. Sarah ended up across her Aunt’s lap, with her ass up in the air for a hard bare-handed spanking. Tasha is an old-hand at this kind of punishment, and even through Sarah’s panties her ass turned a bright red before her punishment was over.

Watch Sarah get spanked HERE

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allison strapped

Pretty girls need their spankings too, especially when the pretty girls start thinking that just because they are good looking it gives them an excuse to act like petty little brats. Some of these girls just think that they can pout, and look cute, and they can get away with anything, ditch their responsibilities, and generally forget about it when they say they are going to do something. It is such a shame that they get so spoiled, but if they didn’t, I guess we wouldn’t get the chance to apply the discipline they need. If it takes serious discipline to get these girls on the straight and narrow, well, then that’s what we will do.

Alison promised she would help with a bit of a rehearsal for the rest of the girls. Not only did she ‘forget’ to show up for her event, she ditched it so she could do something as silly as getting her hair dyed fluorescent red. She knows that’s against the rules too, so we just had to show her the consequences of her actions. We bent her over the couch and pulled her little shorts down so we could turn her ass as bright red as her hair. She cried and complained as soon as she felt the strap the first time, but she’s been through this before. In fact it took over two-hundred blows to her tight ass before she realized that bright red is maybe not the best color for her!

Spanked over 100 times and strapped nearly 50 times on video. CLICK HERE to watch!

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The girl at work that keeps giving me that certain look! I have told her many times that I want to spank her! So I finally pulled her into my office and I immediately inserted two fingers in the elastic of the waistband of her panties and tugged them down to the top of her firm smooth thighs. She cried out, “Please, don’t spank my bare bottom!” I gave her a dozen hard spanks and watched as her cheeks reddened. She gasped with each smack. Like most blonde women, she had skin that reddened quickly. I gave the top of her thighs a few spanks as well. Then I opened my desk drawer and fished inside. “What are you doing?” Shelly asked.

“Aw, here it is,” I exclaimed, while I pulled out my wooden hairbrush. I ran the smooth backside of the hairbrush against the lower half of her butt and Shelly begged, “Please, not a hairbrush!” I smiled and said, “I have to make sure you learned your lesson. Five smacks with the brush, and you have to count them off.” She pleaded some more and without warning I fired the spank. “Oh, gawd!” She cried.
“You didn’t count that one so I have to start over,” I said.
“No!” She cried.

I gave the top of her thighs a smack and she cried out, “one!” The top of her thighs were bright red. I administered the remaining four spanks and she cried and squirmed with each one.
I cupped my right palm on her butt and felt its warmth. The lower half of her butt was scarlet. I said “that wasn’t so bad, was it? I released my grip and she stood up and in a quick motion pulled her panties up and skirt down. She leaned over to me and kissed me full on the lips and said “thank you.”

See more of Shelley. Free Live Cams

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fishnets and whipped

I get a few ‘professional’ girls now and again. They love to model for the BDSM and kink sites, and they think they are badass girls because they can take a few blows from a bare-hand, or a paddle, or they’ve had an orgasm on camera from some vibrating toy or another. Those photographers have their tops go easy on them, so they don’t disrupt the shoot with their cries of pain. I prefer to go the other way. If my bottom isn’t screaming and moaning in pain, what is the point in taking their picture?

This hot little photography sub was sure that she would just get to dress skimpy, have a few fake photos with my whip across her body, and then she’d be out of there. She had no idea that I wasn’t about to let her go until I got the photos I wanted, and that meant I wanted her body striped with red from top to bottom. Once I started working on her ass, she quickly caught on, and there’s nothing hotter than seeing a girls’ face turn, and the whimpers start from their lips as they know they are going to get out with welts that will last days as a reminder of my fun.

She’s whipped until she bleeds a little. Watch it happen. CLICK HERE!

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summer paddled

When we are doing this, we often find girls that have bad attitudes. They just need a firm hand to correct them, before they understand that they just can’t act like bitches all the time. They aren’t too bad, but they are just used to getting their way. Sometimes we come across those girls that don’t just deserve punishment, they practically scream out for it. They are such bitches that normal corporal punishment just isn’t enough, and they need prolonged sessions before we have any effect on their attitude.

Summer was a complete surprise to us, she wasn’t just money hungry, she had no restraint at all. She had a bad attitude, foul mouth and thought that she was entitled to special treatment just because she liked to play with herself a bit during her modeling to torment the photographer. Luckily we weren’t about to deal with that, and proved to her that she can’t act like a self-serving bitch without consequences. She didn’t believe we’d actually do anything until she was bent over a lap, and the first blow actually landed on her ass. Then we just couldn’t get her to shut up as she screamed her head off with every little blow. We decided to show her what dramatics would get her, as we brought out the paddle and left her with a nice long-lasting impression on her ass.

Summer screams and cries while paddled. CLICK HERE to see

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bound to tree

As much as I like the anticipation I see in my bottoms when they see me coming, when they know that they are going to be on the receiving end of a whipping, sometimes it’s better when they get no warning at all. They think they might be safe and comfortable, but they have to learn with me, there is no such thing, and that they are mine whenever I want them. That means I can snatch them up whenever I want to work out with my whips, and when I want to see their body covered in welts.

This time my girl thought she had the day off, but that was her mistake, as she learned when I grabbed her off the walkway. I dragged her off to the side so I could tie her down naked and helpless on a log. She whimpered as the wood rubbed against her pussy and she tried to stay away from it, at least until the first lashes landed across her ass. Then that log was her best friend as she whimpered, screamed and begged. She got so noisy that I had to gag the little painslut so that we weren’t disturbed early. When were done we took off and let her think she was all alone for a while, while she was exposed to anyone who might want to pass by.

Enjoy her pain. CLICK HERE

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whipping match

One of the reasons that I make sure my painsluts know that they are only going to get me to punish them when they break my rules is so that they don’t fight too much amongst themselves. I do not take sides, and they will get nothing from me if they come to me complaining about each other. I want these sluts around for my pleasure, and their own drama is not going to do that. Every once in a while though, I just have to take steps when they get particularly annoying, and make them sort it out themselves.

Of course, it does become somewhat of a game when I get two of my painsluts going after each other .I can be a vicious bastard when I wish, but seeing these girls going at each other’s nude bodies gives new words to cruelty. When they get their chance with the lash they make sure that they leave as many nasty marks as they can and leave the other whimpering and begging for relief.

See who wins HERE

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Nothing gets my creative juices going more than when Halloween rolls around. I do my best to surprise my little painsluts every year with my costume and theirs, because they get to wear whatever the I tell them to wear. Usually we go out and hit my friends’ parties, and then we come back and I show my favorite girl of the evening what I thought of their behavior in the costume. Usually the one that gets into their role the best gets a ‘special’ treat when we get back. This year was a bit different though, and I ended up with two little painsluts that needed punishment when we got home.

Alex and Candy ended up sniping at each other all night when we were out at the parties, so when we got back I decided that if they were going to act like bitchy harem sluts, they would get punished like them. I hung the two of them up and brought out some of my favorite lashes to give them their punishment. Usually I might be a bit nice on a holiday, but they’d annoyed me, so I made sure their little tits, and their tight pussies got lashed just as hard as the rest of their bodies. I made them as red as my outfit from top to bottom until they both pouted, begged and promised they’d behave next time, like good, proper painsluts.

See more of this harem scene HERE

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slave girl whipping

A few of the submissive painsluts I host at my home require a bit more ‘care and feeding’ then others. They get accustomed to the usual treatments, and the usual punishments, so I have to go a different direction for them. Of course, some of these girls are so much trouble that I have to shut them away for a while so they can think about their bad behaviors. Those girls are the ones that don’t get taken out for public visits, unless someone specifically requests their presence.

This little blond painslut was in the doghouse, so to speak, and my doghouse has its own specific bars. She was more trouble than she was worth during parties, so I figured her punishment would hear the sounds going on above, and not being able to participate. One of my guests asked to see her though, and well, who am I to refuse a guest? I brought her out and tied her down to the bench so my guest would get a good show while I lashed her back, ass, and pussy. I know she can take quite a bit, so I really lit her up. I made sure she was marked top to bottom, and just when I got her sopping little pussy all warmed up with my lashes, I tossed her back in the dungeon so she could suffer for the rest of the party.

See her caged, then whipped HERE

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vicious breast torture

When you want to punish and torture a particularly bad little slave, you just have to find what they prize the most, or they fear the most, and focus on it until they can think of nothing else. Take their best features, and smack them, punish them, whack them and inflict so much that they don’t think they can tolerate any more, and then go even further.

This wicked little painslut’s perfect breasts were just too tempting a target for some harsh torment. They just were so luscious strung up nice and tight with a rope harness, making them perfect targets for some hot wax to get them primed for some harsher torment. The paddle made her nipples get red and swollen after just a few smacks, and you can hear it in her voice how much she hates the feeling. The paddle doesn’t stop, and each breast gets hit even harder until she begs to stop. That doesn’t matter though, because every time she dropped her hands, the torments got worse, until her breasts stood out nice and red. Of course, that wasn’t enough before she was done, she could take a lot more…and her top was more than willing to push that as far as he could.

See her scream in pain HERE

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outdoor whipping

I don’t ask much from the girls that reside in my home. Just do the chores I assign, do not get lazy, and make sure everything is done before you go off on your own time. Not too hard, yes? Then why does it seem that every time I turn around one of them is slacking off and ignoring their obligations? They always need ‘correction’ in those instances, especially when I find out from others.

Halali ended up caught when she decided to avoid her chores with a little nude sunbathing before everything was done. One of my guests managed to catch her, and was quite glad to let me know of her transgression. I thought a little public display and use was in order, and luckily I had the stocks just ready for her. Several of my friends were quite happy to add a few welts to her ass, thighs and pussy as she stayed in the stocks, and functioned as the perfect little lawn ornament. She did need a particular object lesson though, and so I made sure she found out how overgrown rose bushes feel when you end up spiked on the arms by them. She didn’t get any clothes to protect her though, so that she remembers exactly how those thorns feel.

Serious pain HERE

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breast whipping

One of the first things that I do with any new painslut I work with is push them to their pain limits. So many of them are braver then they should be. They think that they can take almost anything a top can dish out, without really knowing how the hard, inventive tops can stretch their bodies, and provoke pain unlike anything they ever experience. I love breaking down these supposedly ‘hard’ bottoms, because they always fold well before I push them hard at all.

I was more than happy to get my hands on pretty little painslut Lora. She’d been with other tops who went easy on her because of her hot body, they wanted to get their hands on her more than they pushed her limits and pain tolerance. That was until she met me. I’ve seen her body, and it is hot, but it is even hotter covered in stripes of red from my whips. Once I locked her into my bondage horse I went to work streaking her nice ass. She screamed nice and hard at that, but that was barely the warmup. I flipped her ass over and proceeded to lash those big tits of hers until her nipples turned bright red, and she screamed out with every little lash of my single tail. Turned out she wasn’t as ‘hard’ as she thought, but considering how wet she got, something tells me she will be back again.

See her reach her breaking point HERE

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collared and whipped

Some little painsluts just can’t get enough. They keep coming back for more and more until every inch of their body gets covered in welts, or they are stretched out to their capacity, and they just can’t endure another minute. These painsluts can be a challenge, but they can also be demanding, and a pain in the ass, because even as you beat them they demand more. We like the challenge, but they need to get put in their place.

Alex is one of those demanding little bitch subs that just doesn’t know when she goes too far, and she needs harsher and harsher punishments. It doesn’t help that she is one of the most flexible little bitches you’ve ever seen either, so we just decided to incorporate that into her punishment. She may be flexible, but when you put a piece of sisal through her pussy and ass, and just a few strands over her waist, even she ends up tested, because every time she moves she ends up with a pussy rubbed raw. That was even before we lashed her with our favorite single tails and whips. This little painslut couldn’t believe we’d do that much to her, but we weren’t going to let her go this time until she begged for mercy.

See more of Alex getting whipped HERE

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suspended and whipped

Some little painsluts redefine the rules I have for extreme punishment. Their bodies can bent, twist and hold in the hardest positions, they have bodies that can take lash after lash of every whip I have and they barely let out a moan. These are the painsluts that test my skill and my inventiveness, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. If I can’t handle them, there’s no point in me handing anyone.

That’s the reason I love working on one of my favorite little painsluts Alex. That girl can take almost anything and come back for more, so I constantly push her, and constantly make her cry for more and for mercy. This time I decided to test the extent of her flexibility. Some intense predicament bondage was on the table for this hot-bodied bitch. The sisal rope run through her pussy was just the first part, I tied it so tight that every time she moved she ripped her clit against the harsh material. Then I started lashing her with my favorite whips and strops. Every time I hit her she tried not to squirm because that hurt her pussy even more, but even so her cunt ended up hot and raw from the rubbing rope. She did beg, oh yes…but even when I released her from the rope she wasn’t done without a nice traditional ass whipping.

How much can she take? GO HERE

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bruised and blistered red ass

Some girls have a craving for discipline they never get. They grow up getting away with anything. When no one draws lines for them their behavior just grows worse. It only takes one instance where someone shows them proper discipline for these girls to get into shape, even if they don’t know that it is what they really need. Luckily, we have several mistresses that specialize in showing the girls the proper ways to behave, and know how to punish them when they don’t.

This wicked little girl managed to get out of school thinking that she can flash a pair of panties, give a glimpse of her tits, and she can get away with anything. She was such a problem child that our mistress decided to take a personal interest. Mistress wasn’t fooled for a second when the girl showed up in her school uniform and tried to get away with being a brat. Our mistress shut that down quickly and made her strip down so she was open for a proper examination. Only when she was properly humiliated did she move onto the lesson on discipline, where she spanked the naughty girl’s ass until it was bright red. The idea of getting disciplined was new for her, but she must have liked it, because even after our mistress was done she begged to come back for more.

How raw can she get? See it HERE!

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whipping draws blood

Every once in a while I get a nice hot painslut that knows exactly what she wants. It’s not a question of her being a slave and needing to get punished, or me wanting to discipline a new girl, it’s all about the whipping, and the craving that she feels to feel the lash across her skin. These girls almost can’t cum without the feeling of the lash, so I am always quite glad to offer my services helping them with their ‘problem’.

This time I had a fine dark haired beauty that agreed to meet me with her favorite whips and lashes, because she wanted to get marks from top to bottom. When she stripped down, got on all fours and made sure her naughty little cunt was on display, I knew that she just caved the attention of the whip. I was right too, because she started getting wet almost as soon as the first lash left a welt across her ass. I don’t know if she came from every whip-crack, but she fingered herself like mad even as I tried to leave every inch of her ass streaked with red. This is one hot little painslut that couldn’t get enough, and she practically soaked herself as she savored the intense pain.

Watch me draw blood HERE

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body lashing

When the weather turns to shit over the winter, I find that I feel like I end up missing something. As much as I love lashing my little painsluts and making them cry and beg in my dungeon, there’s just something about feeling the sun on me when I do it that makes it much more satisfying. So when I finally got a break in the weather, and it turned sunny and warm, there was no way I was going to miss the chance, especially when I had a new slave just waiting for her first lashing.

Madeleine had no idea that she was going to get her first whipping outside, and she got scared that others were going to spot her, so she was in the perfect mood when I stretched open her thighs to get at that shaved little pussy. She whimpered, cried, and moaned as the lashes landed all over her body. I soon had her forgetting about others watching, especially when I landed a few choice blows right near her little clit. She’s a vocal little painslut, and as more of her body ended up colored from whip-lashes she just ended up louder and louder.

Watch Madeleine get lashed HERE

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girl gets bullwhipped

I only expect a few things from all of my slaves, they may have their own rules, but they also all have one or two rules they all follow. One of the rules is a simple one, make sure you get in your daily exercise. Now, I don’t ask much, I just want to make sure my painsluts stay healthy, and I don’t demand they exercise every chance they get, just a little bit every day. So when I hear one of them is slacking off, I make sure that I correct them as soon as possible.

Ines did break the rules, and I could tell she wasn’t getting her exercises done, so I had to make sure she got them done, and done correctly. It took a few lashes for her to realize that this was not going away, especially after I stripped her down and lashed her into running a couple of laps. She missed out on enough workouts that I put her through her paces, and corrected her by making sure my whips left nice welts all over her body. She took to the corrections quickly enough, especially when I whipped her ass and pussy that got her to jump and perform satisfyingly. It was an object lesson in making sure that she understands that she can deal with the little bit of pain of working out, or deal with my whips, which I will make sure hurt much more.

Watch Ines punished HERE

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whipped and caned

I get through my dungeon not just dedicated slaves and painsluts; some of the bitches are ones that cross a line with me and they need to get taught a lesson in proper discipline. They know how I treat my own slaves, and they think that just because they are mine they can get away with bad behavior. I make sure that anyone that comes to my affairs knows though the consequences of their actions. When you are in my home, you are under my rules.

Dita signed away her permission without ever reading the form, poor her, especially when she started acting like a rude brat during my function. There was no way I could tolerate that, so I had security remove her to a dungeon where she could stay caged until I was ready to apply the appropriate punishment. The rest of the party was more than happy to watch the video when I yanked her out and bent her down. She proved the best entertainment of the night, as her nice round ass took the welts from the whip so well, and she thought she could resist crying out, at least until the first few lashes landed. When she was done, I put her away again so she could think about the proper behavior when at a private party.

Watch her caged, in stocks, and punished HERE

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welted painslut

Anonymity can be such a powerful weapon. Some of the painsluts I work with want it because they don’t want others to see how much they enjoy having their creamy skin beaten and whipped all over. Others just get off on being a faceless, naked woman whipped by a powerful master. Every case has it’s own unique feel, but every once in a while I get a request that means that I get to work a little undercover work.

One of my friends had a new painslut that he wanted to treat to a hot night, but he wanted to watch her body get covered in welts from my whips. He wanted her to think it was him though, so he asked me to wear a mask while I worked her over. It was a thrill to see that nude body in front of me, with her high tits and spread cunt, all while thinking that it was her ‘loving master’ working over her body. I made sure she ended up lashed all over, especially on her perky little nipples, until she was moaning and crying with each stroke. It was a lovely sight, but not nearly as good as her reaction when the little sluts’ master came in and she realized he wasn’t the one whipping her, but was watching all the time.

See the whole evening HERE

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pussy whipping

I don’t just hoard all my pretty little slaves in some private home somewhere and never let them out. I mean, when you have such hot little painsluts then it’s almost a shame when no one else gets to admire them. I am always pleased when I can hold parties and dinners where some of my guests can fully take advantage of my submissive slaves and sample their services. I am also usually able to give a demonstration on the training that makes them such good slaves.

One of my friends is a couple that joins me quite often for my events, but this time they wanted to take some pictures of one of my sweeter slaves. Alex had caught their eye, and they wondered if it was all right if they photographed a session with her. Who was I to refuse, and who was I to let Alex’s protest prevent me from giving her a full lashing. She was so cute how she actually thought she had a choice when I ripped her fishnets and exposed her pretty little pussy. The cameras clicked away as I lashed her between her thighs, across her ass, and over her perfect little tits. She must not have hated it too much though, because as the photos went on my lashes came away increasingly wet.

Watch her get whipped all over HERE

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woman and bullwhip

Certain ones of my girls require extra doses of discipline so that they remember their tasks. These painsluts seem to become especially forgetful unless their skin is covered in red streaks and welts. As soon as the welts from one set of punishment fade, they just start forgetting and misbehaving again. It’s not something I can tolerate, so these particular slaves get extra doses of the lashes, so that they keep their memory “inspired” for longer.

In this case, she had a simple task, she just had to get my laundry set up and out so that it dried out properly, but she had problems even setting up the line for drying. I gave her three minutes, and then I made her strip out of her clothes so I could apply the proper levels of punishment. With her I double hand the whips so I could lash her ass and her breasts at the same time. That wasn’t an excuse for her to stop though. I wasn’t going to finish leaving welts on her skin until she finished putting up the laundry lines. It’s a lesson she definitely needed, and with the imprints I left on her naughty ass and pussy, it will be a while before she forgets again.

See how she screams and cries from pain HERE

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Some girls think they are so special just because they have a hot little body. They use their charms to get what they want, and sometimes that means even a master will slip and let them get away with almost anything just because they have great tits. Luckily, a pair of tits does not exactly impresses me and neither does a shaved cunt, so I am very happy to give these demanding and spoiled little sluts the lessons they deserve.

painful whipping

This pig-tailed little girl thought that just by showing a little skin and tempting me and my fellow trainer by showing what a talented little sucker she is. We’ve seen it all though, and it doesn’t do anything to us, which she learned when I almost choked her out as I dragged her over to the discipline bar. It’s a good thing she was flexible, because we were going to bend her in half no matter how much it hurt her, especially since it gave us the best angle to get at her pert ass. I don’t think she’d ever been properly disciplined before, because she started whining as soon as we lashed her the first time. She better get used to it though, because I’m going to make sure her ass gets covered in welts again and again until she learns her lessons properly.

Her lashing with 2 whips is HERE

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welted ass

It is such a cliché these days that BDSM always takes place in dank dungeons, and with all sorts of metal and stone surrounding the scene. I do think there is a place for such thing in discipline, but pain can be just as much art as punishment or corrective behavior. Besides, do not underestimate the feeling of contrasts to send a bottom deep into their heads from pain. The touch of silk between the legs just before the lick of a whip will get quite the reaction.

Felicitas is one of those girls that is my favorite to whip just for the sake of hearing her moan. She is delightful when she cries out, and this hot little painslut even makes me sometimes go a bit easier on my…discipline. I even get a touch…indulgent when she wants to play, like this time when she crawled to my bed and begged me for her turn with the whips. With such a pretty little pussy all ready exposed for my attentions, how could I say no? She takes each lash with my whips with a moan that you’d think she cums every time I leave a welt on her skin. Considering how wet the bedspread was when we were done, I’m not sure I could say otherwise.

Watch her day of pain HERE

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bound and whipped

Who doesn’t like sending a nice little painslut to bed with good memories of their day, hmm? I mean, if they are going to get to sleep with the ache of a lash across their body, it is handy that you give it to them just before they are going to get into their bed for the evening. It helps that I then don’t have to carry a whiny little slave to bed after I am finished decorating their skin with all my single tails. It does make things much easier for me.

Helen told me she was tired and ready for bed, but I still had a little energy I wanted to work out. It made things so much easier, because I was able to take care of both issues at once! She really is so pretty when I have her tied spread eagled to the bed so I can lash her over her sweet little pussy and tits as well. It was a great way for me to get my workout for the evening over her little body, and if she went to bed with nice red welts all over her body, all the better. It gives her a very memorable way to sleep, especially when the burning from the lashes lasts all the way until morning.

Watch Helen get beaten and whipped in many positions. CLICK HERE

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slave in posture collar

As much as I’d like to think I have everything at my disposal to punish my little slaves in any way I choose; I have to admit sometimes I like to go elsewhere and see how other masters punish their painsluts. My girls never like it, because I end up with ideas that almost always end up in my own dungeon, and they get punished even worse because of it.

When I was at my friend’s place, my girl mouthed off, so he suggested I cage her so he could bring out his special wall. When I saw the shackles and posture collar I was sure that was a great idea. This particular little slut is a squirmer, and she tries to get away from the lash, so when I put her in and shackled her down she started moaning before I even lashed her once! Thatdidn’t stop me of course, I made sure I layed into her breasts and pussy with my favorite whips and floggers. It was so cute to see the way she tried to squirm, but all she could do is cry out in pain as I was able to pick my spots again and again.

Watch her discipline HERE

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breast and body whipping

I don’t claim a slave just because I like the way she looks, or the way she writhes under the lash. If they don’t have any usable talents, they don’t take up any of my time. I have plenty of little painsluts that will look pretty for me, but not so many that put their skills to good use. Occasionally one of them will need a little refresher on their skills, or a reminder why they need to keep their skills at their peak.

This particular little blonde bitch of mine is a slave I go to every month for something nice and simple, a haircut. Apparently, she got lazy, because she even screwed that up and needed a lesson on proper skill and discipline. She is supposed to keep in practice, so she knows she fucked up, so she barely begged when I strung her upside down and started with the punishment. I made sure I lashed her all over her cute little tits and even over her pussy, but it wasn’t in anger. I just made sure she knew how disappointed I was that she screwed up. She may have whimpered and begged for the pain to stop, but I also know that she did not forget the lesson.

Watch her get welted and red HERE

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painful beating

Some girls are all attitude, and before they can become proper little slaves and painsluts, you need to work that attitude out of them. It’s especially bad among the cute little girls that feel that they are entitled to everything, even when they are whining to their master that they are not getting what they want. Those little whiney bitches need an attitude adjustment, nothing fancy, they just need to suffer so much that their attitude is beaten right out of them.

I got one of those little pain sluts in the other day, this little blonde painslut was trouble, I could tell from the way she looked at me. She even dared me to give her my worst; well hell, that’s always a request I don’t mind taking with any uppity little slut. She didn’t need anything complicated, I just stripped her down and strung her up. When she was nice and stretched out she started to regret her choice, but she really started to regret it when I slashed her nice round ass. She didn’t even need a good pussy whipping, once I worked over her ass she begged to be the nice, compliant slave I knew she had buried inside her.

See her get what’s coming to her. CLICK HERE

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whipped ass

Some girls will struggle no matter what you do with them. They never think they ‘deserve’ their discipline, so they will whine and cry no matter how much a painslut they are. It is more the concept of the whipping then the actual whipping itself, so I find I have to expose them forcefully and humiliate them to get them to quit whining. When they learn that I won’t let them hide anything, or struggle away, they occasionally actually calm down enough that they learn to take their discipline properly.

Gina was a particularly troublesome little painslut, she always had a bad thing to say about her master, even after he disciplined her. I had to put a stop to that, so I let her whine her heart out, then I just put her in the stocks for her discipline. It’s amazing how much the slut comes out when she knows her ass and pussy are completely exposed to her master. She actually quieted down, at least until I started whipping her cute little ass with my single-tail. I don’t think she really wanted to struggle anymore once I whipped her ass red, especially since the couple of times she did try to escape I made sure that her pussy got a good whipping as well.

Click HERE to see her punished

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blistered and welted ass

A few of the little painsluts don’t have any clue what is going on when they meet me. They just got into their first BDSM relationship and don’t have any idea that their master wants a certain level of discipline in their slaves. That’s where I come in, I like to break them of any notions that they can get away without some discipline, and my whips are very good at convincing them that they should be good girls for their masters.

This particular little blonde slut thought she was going to entertain me, that her master sent her over because I liked to see her dance. She was a bit surprised when I demanded she take off her underwear and get her ass up to the pole. I told her that her master gave her to me for a proper lashing, so she understands how to tolerate proper discipline. It was a pleasure whipping her round ass too, especially as she got soaking wet, despite her crying. She didn’t mark as well as I’d like, as a reminder for her master, but in the end I called him and he was satisfied when he heard her sobbing over the phone.

See her punished HERE

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breast whipping

I am not adverse to giving my little painsluts a treat now and again, and this time of year there are definitely opportunities for treats combined with a trick or two. Halloween does bring out the devil in me, and it makes me just want to hear my little sluts begging and crying for more as I whip their bodies.

Inmoral thought we were going to steal away during a costume party so I could ravish her in one of the private rooms, and I was, but not in the way she thought. Her eyes went wide when she saw the whip, since I was definitely not going to be her savior that night. I held her body down and whipped her across her tits and pussy for being a bad girl, even though the lash marks made a delicious costume all on her own. She made a bad assumption, that she was getting more than a whipping, so when I whipped her pussy it made it all the harder with each wet slap across her soaked cunt.

See the full frontal beating HERE

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suspended by one foot

I love my more flexible little painsluts. I try to get all of them to expand their endurance, so they can last through discipline longer, and even stay in some of my more devious restraints longer, but there’s just nothing like a nice little slut that has the inborn flexibility to start with. It makes stringing them up and lashing them so much more satisfying.

Whenever I get to have a session with Xenia, I know that she can take the most unusual positions and harshest discipline, so I always find new ways to get her screaming in pain. This time I strung her up by one leg, so that she stretched out and her entire body was exposed to my lash. She made such delightful sounds when I lashed her pussy and her tits, while the welts developed so nicely over her body. With her I can really stretch myself, and I know that this hot little painslut is going to take the worst I can dish out.

Watch her get pussy whipped, back, side, and chest too. Click HERE

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caged whipping

Halloween might be all sorts of fun for the kids, trick or treaters, and such, but for me it just gets to be such a pain in the ass. All my little pets decide that it is the time to act up and provoke me as they dress and act like little needy little painsluts. Luckily this time of year gives me plenty of places where I can drag them off to find new and unusual ways to discipline them.

This particular little painslut kept trying to beg me to take her to the yearly Halloween party. She knows that it is my decision alone, but she just wouldn’t shut up. I let her think I conceded, and then brought her to my friend’s Halloween prison. I don’t think she knew what was happening until I forced her to strip and get in the cage while I set up. I taught her not to beg for favors by whipping her across her ass so hard that even her pussy swelled up from the lashing and the blood coming to the surface. Only then, I tossed her back in the prison so she could think about what it costs when you nag me for favors.

Watch her punished properly HERE

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woman crying in pain

Let it never be said that I am not a nice, considerate, cruel bastard. A few of my slaves have a few requests they make of me, and every once in a while I decide that they are worth granting. One of the more common requests from my beautiful little sluts is a bit of role-playing outside their slave role, being the nice master I am, who am I to refuse?

This little blonde slave of mine told me she wanted to do some role play, so what better role for her then the burglar that gets caught by a person with some…unusual methods of punishment. She thought this was a great idea, until I tied her up on the rack and she swathe whips come out. She whined that it was just her usual punishment, but the wicked burglar doesn’t get a say, so I lashed her body to shut her up. Despite her complaints, the little slut liked the game, because when I whipped her pussy I could definitely hear the wet slap when the leather hit her skin.

Watch her cry HERE

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busty slut whipped

I am always looking to educate my fellow dominants. So many little painsluts out there do not know what it is like to get a good dose of discipline and pain, simply because their master does not have the facilities at their disposal so that they can administer the proper forms of punishment. When I met someone that I think needs a little help with their slut, I am more then happy to let them use my facilities for their lessons.

This time a friend of mine asked to use my suspension rig. He wanted a good angle to give his little sluts cunt a good punishment, because she just kept trying to offer her services to other men. He figured keeping her upside-down and beating her all over her body, including her pussy might be a good reminder that she was his slut, and he was the only guy she was going to service without his permission. She certainly seemed to respond to the discipline, especially when the whip lashed across her lips and had her screaming with the pain. He wasn’t satisfied with that though, and made sure she had a few good welts all over her body as well as a reminder of the lesson.

See her taught a lesson HERE

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suspended whipping

It’s amazing what powerful women have an inner slut inside them. They need to have their slave brought out and punished hard so that they feel like they get the most out of their lives. They may be in charge during the day, but in my home they are just another of my toys to whip, beat and subjugate to my pleasure.

This little slave is in charge of all sorts of people when she goes to her ‘day job’ but as soon as she enters my dungeon she gets whipped, disciplined and taken just like any other. In fact, this time she was getting a little uppity about her work, so I decided she needed a particularly harsh punishment. When she was inverted, and stripped I had full access to her slutty little tits and pussy. It’s amazing how attitudes can change once you lash them enough to give them welts all over their body. In this case you really can beat a slave until her morale improves.

Several lovely impact shots HERE

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painslut gets beaten

I am proud that I have one of the best slut training facilities around. I keep my dungeon well stocked, and have more training stations then most other people, so I often get slaves from all over that need to be ‘disciplined’ at my dungeon. I also get their owners with requests to use my facilities so that they can punish particularly naughty sluts of their own.

This time a friend of mine told me he had a new slave that needed her first lesson, and he wanted it to take place with the appropriate atmosphere. I was happy to host them, especially when I saw his new sluts’ hot body. I could barely wait to get her strung up, and he wanted me to whip her everywhere. Her hot tits and shaved cunt took the lash so well, she ended up covered with the red streaks I so love, and she left with a craving for her next chance to return.

Will I make her cry? Go HERE and see

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upside down caned

True discipline is not something a slave learns just through pain and punishment. They need to understand that they are nothing but a painslut to be used at their owner’s disposal, and at my whim. Though pain is a strong motivator, if they are not ashamed, and begging, they don’t understand how effective discipline can be.

Alex made a particularly gross transgression and failed to respect a guest that I had, so I decided she needed a proper punishment to make up for my humiliation. So she got to be exposed completely while I whipped her ass and thighs. First the inverted suspension let me freely cane the insides of her thighs while watching how wet her pussy got. That wasn’t enough though, my cage kept her pussy nice and thrust outwards so she was totally exposed to every blow from my crops and whips. She knew that I could feel exactly how hot her ass and pussy got, and when I pointed it out she ended up so humiliated it triggered the begging that I wanted.

CLICK HERE to see her turn red from punishment

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brutal pussy whipping

I always get a sense of satisfaction when I can get my slaves to extend themselves, physically, or in their service. They may be some of the most needy sluts, but when they get better at something it reflects in my abilities as a master. So I encourage them to improve themselves, of course, sometimes my encouragement might not be what they expect.

When one of my slaves told me that she was working on her flexibility, I told her I would help her with that. She thanked me, until I fastened her leg to a ceiling rig and yanked her up into near splits. She told me she couldn’t do it, so I decided that I would help her by taking her mind off it with some of my whips. She somehow stopped caring about her leg when I whipped her pussy and tits, especially when those welts started forming on her skin.

CLICK HERE to see scream

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submissive redhead

There are few things I like seeing more then fresh lash marks on pale skin. It is such a luscious sight, especially when the skin belongs to a mouthy little slut that thinks she is too damn good for being punished. It is always a pleasure to wipe the smirk off their faces when they feel the tip of the lash across their skin.

This particular little painslut is one of my most frequent offenders. Since she is relatively new I went somewhat easier than usual, but she thought that meant she could get away with anything. This time I showed her that there are limits to my patience. She looked smug until she felt the tip of the lash against her skin for the first time. The first welt made her rethink, I’m sure, and the rest was just additional points to my argument. Even through the pain she still ended up wet, it was obvious when the lash slapped against her nice, red, misbehaving pussy.

CLICK HERE to watch her in pain

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whipped tits

A good little painslut eventually starts to understand that pain can be a good journey to pleasure. When you train them right they start looking forward to their discipline. They start to crave your lash, they love the pain, and they want you and beg you to beat them again. Their pain becomes their pleasure when you have trained a slave right.

One of my favorite little sluts has no restrictions in how I lash her, and when I tell her it is time for discipline she gets wet before I even touch her. So when I decided to spend a nice day in the sun lashing one of my sluts, she was the first one to beg for her chance. This time I decided to indulge her, especially since I love how she moans when I whip her. I love striping her ass and cunt with my lashes and floggers. She loves it too, or at least the screaming orgasm she has when I hit her clit shows me she does.

CLICK HERE to see her pain

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bound and whipped

My slaves sometimes forget that I remember every infraction. They think that when I discipline another one of my painsluts I magically forget their own upcoming punishments. I love the expressions on their faces when they realize it is time for their comeuppance, especially when that involves my favorite lashes.

Sydney thought I forgot how she taunted her slut sister when she was punished, so I had to remind her of her transgressions. Since my friend and mistress in training was there, I thought it was a good time to show her how I discipline a misbehaving slave. As an added benefit, I allowed my first slave to watch as I punished Sydney. She knows how the lash feels, so she had much more sympathy, especially when I strapped Sydney into my favorite spreader rig. I am able to lash their ass and pussy so much better with their legs spread. It was a good lesson for my friend and my slut, so they both don’t forget proper discipline.

CLICK HERE to see Sydney cry

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overwhelming pain

It only takes one toy, the right toy to get a submissive little slut’s heart beating in her chest, and the begging coming from between her lips. That’s the skill, finding the toy that a painslut dreads so much that just showing it to them has them acting up and pleading with you. That’s the perfect time for a bit of discipline, they need to know that it doesn’t matter what they like, they are going to get the punishment they deserve.

This time my naughty little slut toy was especially naughty, so I brought out my favorite bullwhip. I didn’t need anything else, because she knows exactly what’s going to happen when this single tail kisses her skin. Her pleading was so lovely, not that it prevented me from whipping her all over, from her breasts down to her naughty little cunt. She ended up nicely striped from her punishment, and I am sure she will remember it and dread the toy just as much next time.

CLICK HERE to see her squirm

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welted ass

It sometimes surprises me what a new slave thinks they are getting into when they come into my dungeon. I know that some people think that there is no way that it can hurt as bad as it will, but until these sluts get the first taste of the whip I don’t think there’s any way they will really know. I just love breaking their illusions, especially as I break their pretty skin.

This particular redhead was all smiles and bowing when she first arrived, she thought it would be fun to act like a painslut. I don’t think she realized what she was getting into until I made her lay out the first of my lashes. She didn’t really get the hint until I made that first welt raise on her pretty ass. Oh yes, it was all real then when she dropped to her knees after just a few blows. I wasn’t about to have that though, even from a new slave. If she couldn’t stay up on one bench, she would stay up elsewhere until I was done covering her ass with welts.

CLICK HERE to watch her go from pleasure to pain

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I don’t just whip for punishment, oh no; that would be too easy and would give my little painsluts too much control over when they get whipped. I also enjoy whipping little girls that just need a little pain before they take their training seriously, and will really start exerting themselves. I make such wonderful progress with ‘encouragement’ lashings that I often get asked by other masters looking to fully train their submissive little sluts.

In this case, one of my friends complained that his girl wanted to learn to dance, but she just never applied herself enough to get better. His training methods didn’t work, so he figured a more…object lesson was in order. This one was easy enough, a missed step, and she got lashed. I think it was the third or fourth lash across her cunt that made her realize that if she didn’t get it right she was going to end up red top-to-bottom. Let me tell you, we saw a drastic improvement in her skills after just the one lesson!

CLICK HERE to see this slut’s full training in pain!

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suspended and whipped

A good slut needs constant stimulation, after all, they are likely to get used to one kind of punishment or another. I try to keep my slaves on their toes so when I punish them they understand each and every time they are going to have a new pain and humiliation.

This wicked little slut thought that I had thrown everything I had at her, so she had nothing else to fear from my punishments. How little she understood how many different ways I can make her suffer. She had not undergone one classic punishment yet, so I decided a good suspended whipping was in order. There are very few sights lovelier then a painslut stretched out and swinging while I whip her from her tits to her pussy. Her skin took the welts so well that she soon had red streaks from head to toe. She begged to stop quickly enough, so maybe next time she won’t doubt that I can come up with any number of punishments.

CLICK HERE and see how she does

impact shot welted skin

Even I have a things I like to learn and watch from other doms and how they treat their sluts. After all, if I stop learning then I run out of things to torment a naughty slave when they deserve it. So when a friend of mine asked if I wanted to watch him beat a particularly naughty piece of meat he had hanging around, I figured it was worth a trip. I should have known he was being literal when I saw his painslut getting rigged upside down in his dungeon.

She had been begging for this punishment for a while by being a mouthy, selfish little fuckslave, so he figured putting her ass over elbows would give her a new perspective on things. That wasn’t enough though, because he brought out his favorite flogger and whips and beat her until she was red all over her body. I got to watch some very good impact shots as he deliberately wrapped the falls and welted her from her tits to her wet little pussy. She went out of it almost immediately and just had the best whimpering sounds as he punished her body all over. This little submissive slut learned her lesson, even if it took a flogger stuffed into her cunt to get the point across.

CLICK HERE and witness just how welted she gets

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whipped torso

Sun and welted skin contrast so well with each other. When the weather is good there are very few things like bringing a wicked little slut out into the daylight and lash her from head to toe where anyone can come along and watch their pain and torment. Not only do you get the sun and wind in your face, but you get to watch their abject humiliation as they get punished, and quite often get hot and wet in front of completely strangers.

This little blond cunt didn’t think she could stand the idea of being lashed in public, so we just had to drag her out into the sun for a bit of open punishment. There is a wonderful little hillside just outside town where so many people come along on the nice day, it was perfect for her punishment. She stood there while the lash lined every part of her body, from her big tits down over her wicked little pussy. She was lucky that no one came along this time, but her wet slit proved that she might have objected just a little too strongly to coming out in the open. Next time I’ll have to make sure that she has an audience when I punish this blonde painslut.

CLICK HERE for our day in the sun

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impact shot

I always have loved the classics. My dungeon is fully stocked with the newest, most extreme toys, and the harshest pieces of furniture so that I can punish my sluts with the proper intensity. I do love the idea of going completely medieval though, and so there are a few staples that I keep around for that more renaissance feel in my punishment scenes, though my little pain sluts never seem to appreciate my classic education.

So when one of my slaves ran her mouth and insulted me in front of her friends, I decided it was time to get medieval on her body. There is only one toy that makes a classic scene worth it…the rack. When she first saw the table she begged me to stop, but I shut her mouth and tied her down. I love the way the rack exposes them fully to every blow the lash. I made sure that every inch of her pan slut body was lashed, all the way from her tits and down over her cunt. I wanted that lesson to sink in so that next time she misbehaved she could remember just how much a ‘classic’ education is worth.

See her punishment. CLICK HERE

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As much as I love the chance to whip a hot little red head into submission, some girls prefer a woman’s touch for their first time. For some reason they think that another woman might give them an easier chance. I love spoiling that little fantasy, because I have some very vicious dommes that take special pleasure in breaking in new women.

Candy thought she was ready for her first lashing, but for some reason I made her nervous. That’s no problem for me though, because my mistress friend loved the idea of whipping the redhead at first glance. Once Candy was naked and bent over she went to town, and she spared the whip not at all. Candy’s ass and pussy got striped red, and she made such delightful noises when the tip of the lash kissed her cunt. Candy definitely was a fan though, when she was done she was soaking wet, and even wanted me to give her a lash or two next time she was due for her punishment.

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It’s so fun when a slut thinks she can get away with being naughty with just a flutter of her eyes while enjoying a nice, quiet evening at home. They seem to think that they can get away with that much more when it’s a relaxed evening and I am not whipping them all over every second of the evening. It’s even more cute when they think that I won’t punish them just because I have friends around who may not be as extreme as I am…I quickly disabuse them of that particular notion.

This particular evening I was entertaining a guest and one of my little pets decided she wanted to enjoy my lap. Normally that’s not a problem but this time my slave interrupted my conversation with my friend. That’s just not going to stand, so I invited my friend to watch a demonstration of how I discipline my slut when she gets out of line. I made sure she knew I wasn’t going to go easy by forgoing my usual warmup. I brought out my canes and whips immediately and lashed her ass until she was red. That wasn’t enough though, I whipped her pussy raw, though not before I let my friend have his turn using my single-tail on her red and welted body.

More of the hottest action can be found HERE.

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When a particularly bratty slave needs discipline, special…measures need to be taken. If they think they are above being punished, they may struggle, or whine, and when that happens I take special pleasure in immobilizing them so they can receive their punishment properly. It’s so special when a disobedient little slaves figures out that they won’t be able to escape the lash.

When I got Tina in bondage, she still was giving me that bratty attitude that needs to be beaten out of a little slave. Even when they pretend to be compliant, you can see it in their eyes, which means my job isn’t over until I’ve whipped that look off a sub’s face. Tina did last longer than most though, I had to lash her all over her tits and her tight little pussy before she started begging. I wasn’t about to let her go though, I punished her and made sure she felt the tip of my lash on her clit, and soon that bratty look was replaced with a properly respectful little slut.

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The pains and pleasures of getting one’s ass whipped is what turned on this lovely lady in this hot scene. The two are a couple that has been practicing BDSM for a while now and with some trust, they take each other’s pleasure to the next level by introducing whips and chains to their sexual activities.

She’s hanging upside down, not knowing what to expect yet as her master circles her with a mighty whip. Little did she know she was going to get her ass spanked red and rather hard! Crack! A whip pelts her tight little ass. And another! Each time she gets whipped, her butt cheeks become redder with pain. More pain is more pleasure for this sick girl. The whips keep coming to her, more and more and each one brings her closer to the brink of an orgasm. Her toes being to tingle and her nipples hard and swollen, this girl is ready to explode.

Moments later, this girl cums due to the intense pain and the resulting pleasure she’s experiencing. The welts on her ass cheeks are a symbol and trophy of her exciting experience that she will hold onto, until the next time.

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Monet was used to flashing a bit of cleavage and smiling to let her get away with being a brat and a bit of a thief. With her tits still perky, she’d expected this last mark to be just as gullible as the others, and as easy to lead around by his cock. Bending over to flash her crack and show off her finger-work, she tried to subtly grab the envelope of cash she’d seen on the dresser, but didn’t manage to secure it before he noticed what she was doing. Well, actually, putting the money in her bra was less than intelligent, because without her top on, he could clearly see the money that he hadn’t paid her, and which hadn’t been there just moments before.


Sensing that this wouldn’t go quite the way she’d hoped, Money tried to talk her way out of the punishment she could see coming, but the mark had her face down over the couch before she could sidle out of reach. Holding her down easily with one hand, he started spanking her fiercely, until her ass was red and blistered, and her tears made her delicately applied makeup start to run down her face in rivulets. Even then he wasn’t happy. Whaling on her until she screamed for mercy, and pleaded for forgiveness, the former mark took out every cent of the money she’d tried to steal on her sore red ass. When he was finished, her clothing in tatters, and her face splotchy from crying, the mark shoved her off the couch, to lie on the floor until she recovered and could make her own way home.


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Who says there is no such thing as a good thing? There are orgasm hungry sluts that will claim that they can go for hours even and they never get tired of the feeling of their clenching pussy. Those little cunts just don’t get the right treatment, and when they finally get the lesson they deserve it can be a shock to their system.


This little slut Syiori thought she was going to be ready for anything, but she didn’t think she was going to be tied up and exposed completely. Her begging was a delight to hear when her pussy was exposed completely and she was tied in place so that there was no way she was going to get away. She started with a few orgasms from fingers, because she had no idea what was coming next, but the slut’s humiliation just made her even more wet, despite her whining. She wasn’t ready for the hot-sauce though, that made her really sensitive, so that when she got the fucking machines she was really primed for non-stop orgasms. There is no way she’s ever going to claim she can’t get enough any longer, because the orgasm hungry little bitch overloaded, and she just went out like a light from the massive chains of orgasms.


Check her full video here!


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Occasionally I come across a woman that has decided that she wants to change her life and embrace her inner painslut. They come in fresh, bright, and they have no idea what it means when they are going to become an object so that someone can work over their bodies and get off from their suffering. They think they are ready to become objects for their masters, but before they ever get that far I have to give them a sample of how they are changing their lives. Once they become indoctrinated to pain, they can never go back, and they will learn that they are just there as a cunt for their owner.

This little slut wanted to become a full time slave, so she was presented to her new owner as a birthday present. Before he took ownership of her; he wanted me to break her into her new life. The dancing slut was used to be in front of the guys, and took off her clothes readily enough, but she wasn’t ready for the feel of a switch across her bare ass. It was quite a surprise as I whipped her ass red and made sure even her puffy little pussy got some attention from the whip. She passed the test though, because when I was done she was soaking wet and begging for her new master’s touch.

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submissive wife

Buried deep in a lot of women is a slut that loves to get tied up, bound, and forced to indulge in their master’s most humiliating and degrading fantasies. When they don’t get the choice, they get off on getting fucked, made to wear the tightest bondage outfits and exposing their bodies in humiliating ways, all for the pleasure of the men that they adore. It’s not enough that they are the ones that take the orders, they need to be exposed as much as possible before they can release their inner sluts and release everything that they suppress.

This submissive little wife had these photos taken of her so that she could commemorate all the humiliating positions that her master forces her into during her servitude. When she doesn’t have her pussy exposed for his pleasure she needs to have something buried deep inside her pussy or ass, so she has collected a variety of devices that are very good at tormenting her. Her pussy and ass are there for his pleasure, so when he is not using her she has a variety of plugs that fit inside her to reminder her exactly of who owns her body. When she does not have a plug shoved deep inside her tight ass he makes sure that she can’t do anything without him by fitting her with a tight chastity device. With that on she can’t feel any pleasure unless he lets her, and only can use the restroom without his command. It’s one way that he makes sure that she is doing nothing but serving him, and that no one else has access to her without his control.

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vicious slap while shackled

For some doms, pain is it’s own reward, they are looking to inflict the most amount of suffering and agony just so they can watch their bottom begging them to stop. Others like to see the women break under their attentions and beg for their pleasure. They get their slut toys to beg for the opportunity to please them, so that the slaves think of their pleasure second, and only seek pleasure in being toys for their master.

Ginna had no idea that she was going to be broken, but it didn’t take much at all for this slut to beg for the pleasure of getting her cunt banged by her master. Her nipples were so sensitive that all he had to do was suction them a bit and stretch them out and she was begging for mercy. A few minutes with the vibrating wand and she would give anything for him. When he told her that she was going to have to service his cock the slut couldn’t wait to bend over for him. She thanked him the entire time he pounded her with his cock, and when it was time for him to blow his load, she eagerly took it all over her slutty face, just to make sure he could see how much she loved it.

See Antoni Show Ginna the meaning of pain. CLICK HERE!

I make sure that none of my slaves feel like they get special treatment. The sluts are all the same, if they do well, they get rewarded, and if they do poorly, they get punished. When one slut makes the other act bratty though, then they both need to make sure they are getting punished for their mistakes.

Lola thought she could get Xenia in trouble by provoking her into getting in trouble. That’s almost as bad as the act itself, so I made sure that she knew I caught her, and they were both going to get whipped together, so they could see the consequences for their actions. I gave them both a blistered ass after I chained them to the pole. They kept trying to get the other one to take more lashes, but that didn’t matter, because I didn’t stop whipping the sluts until they were both red assed and they knew they could not pull off anything like that again.

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whipped red ass

Sometimes I like to take a friend under my wing. So many potential dominants do not realize what a good dose of discipline can do to keep their sluts in line. When I find someone that I think has potential, I let them see what happens when you take a sulky little slave and give them a proper dose of punishment.

In this case, my friend had a bratty little slut of a girl that he wanted to learn to whip properly. Luckily I had a girl that was due for her punishment, so I let him watch as I thrashed my slave’s ass and cunt. He was worried about breaking his girl, so I even let him use my vicious whips on her ass so he could see that any slut can take their punishment. It was a good object lesson, especially since his girl was there as well, so she knew exactly what was coming up for her next.

I’ve put this film up for viewing. CLICK HERE to see it.

whipped submissive

A few sluts out there can’t handle the touch of a whip without struggling enough that it becomes a pain in the ass to give them a proper punishment. When you get one of those particularly bad slaves it sometimes takes a bit of invention to get them immobile enough to administer proper discipline.

This blonde brat is one of those sluts that tries to dance away whenever she feels a single tail across her ass. She didn’t think I had any way of keeping her from getting away, but I loved the look on her face when she saw the wheel. This little toy kept her nice and still for me. As much as the bitch squirmed, I was able to get her with my favorite single tail. It was her first time getting a proper discipline session, so she ended up crying, sobbing and begging me to stop. I wasn’t about to do that though. Until every inch of her skin was red and covered in welts I didn’t stop, so she got a proper taste of how true discipline works.

CLICK HERE and see the whole punishment

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whipped red ass

Some slaves require a more, delicate touch then I can offer, or at least they think they do. One of my favorite mistresses specializes in breaking in new sluts, since they inevitably think that another woman will take it easy on them. I think my mistress friend delights in proving them wrong, she is even more vicious then I am, and I love watching her work over a newbie.

This redheaded slave was new to real whipping and though her mistress might go easy. She was in for a surprise when the first licks of the whip crossed her lilly-white ass. Mistress was in fine form as she made sure that every single lash marked her and made her skin match her red hair. She obviously liked the treatment though, her shaved pussy ended up soaking wet by the end, even when her thighs and ass were properly striped. Mistress just has that touch, those sluts keep coming back for more of her expert lashing.

GO HERE and witness this superb whipping for yourself.

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Every once in a while I get a girl that doesn’t just need a firm hand from me, they really need the attention of a couple of tops dedicated to making them hurt. When that happens, I have a few other tops I work with, to push a somewhat more stubborn bottom through their paces. Sometimes the girl just needs the mindfuck of being worked over by a couple of guys at the same time.

I actually find those kinds of scenes invigorating, you can really push a girl to their limits when you find someone else to keep up the pacing and push with you. That is especially helpful when you want to mark up every inch of the girl’s body and get them screaming and begging with every fiber of their being.

This particular slut thought she could ingratiate herself by wearing a slinky outfit and acting like she just wanted to play with me. She had no clue I invited a friend to work her over with me. I think the slave was surprised when I decided I wanted to give her a blistered ass, but that the actual punishment was going to be applied from both sides. She didn’t realize until we got her chained up to the cross before the punishment really began.

One of the best thing about working with another top is you don’t have to stop for anything. We brought out the single tail and dressage whip and lashed her pussy, her breasts, and every inch of her skin. She whimpered, the slut even cried a little, but she wasn’t about to get let down until we were done lashing her tight little body. We hit her from every angle, and her skin ended up with streaks from top to bottom from the lashing whips. By the end the slut begged us to stop, maybe next time she’ll think better about trying to ingratiate herself.

Watch this slut whipped mercilessly HERE!

Nothing beats the sight of an uppity little slave begging and crying for your mercy. They had it right back in the day, when it comes right down to it the old ways are the best, and what older way is there then to bring out the rack!

This little slut had never been on the rack before, and since she was due for some discipline, this turned out to be the best time. When she was stretched out she started arching her back and exposing her breasts and pussy, which was absolutely perfect, it exposed her totally for when I brought out the lash. She begged and cried through the good old fashion medieval punishment, but this slut was naughty enough that I wasn’t about to let her up without marking every inch. No matter how she twisted, she couldn’t escape the lash, so I soon had her marked over every inch of her body.

CLICK HERE and see this slut lashed from tits to toes

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Atmosphere can be everything for a scene. Nothing tells a slut that she’s in trouble then dragging her to an out of the way place filled with industrial machinery, with no one around for miles. I have a few locations perfect for that, so that the slaves I bring there know that there is no escape, and no one is coming for them.

Xena thought she was brave enough for the isolation, but as soon as I demanded her clothes she started trembling. I even let her choose her own implement, just so she had no hope of reprieve. She tried to escape as I lashed her, she tried to find someplace she could be comfortable, but I made sure she had nothing but cold steel and cement to accompany the lash. She had to keep her body off the filthy floor even as I whipped her so hard she could barely stand, and made her beg for mercy. Not that a little slut ever deserves my mercy.

CLICK HERE to see this redhead get punished

Blistered Ass

Suspension Whipping

When a little slave thinks that she is going to get away, sometimes I have to take measures so that doesn’t happen. The best way of course is to make sure they are barely able to touch the ground. When I get a slut strung up and hanging they end up totally exposed, so I can apply my ‘gentle touch’ with the whip to their completely open bodies.

This slave thought she could escape a blistered ass, but when I hung her up she barely was able to squirm. I made sure that I whipped her all over her pussy, ass, and tits, so that even when she tried to squirm away or jump she ended up with welts all over her body. She gave such lovely whimpers when she realized she could not get away, though that didn’t stop me from whipping every inch of her body. Next time maybe she’ll realize that there is no way to escape proper discipline.

blistered red ass

I like combining a little bit of work with my discipline. If my slut just hangs there and takes a beating, she doesn’t really put out the effort I expect out of a slave. So sometimes, it is worth it to add a little bit of predicament to my punishment. This blonde slut was used to crosses, and walls, so when I put her up on the hanging bar she had no idea how to deal with no balance point.

That just made things worse when I started whipping her. Not only couldn’t she relax into the blows, as soon as her legs went weak the slut couldn’t hang onto the unbalanced arm. I especially enjoyed watching her squirm and trying to hold her balance as I set her blistered ass red, and then started whipping her hot little pussy. I wasn’t done with this slave until her arms ended up as sore as her ass, without me even touching them.

So many tops whine about where you can hit a slave. You can’t hit them on the kidneys, you can only hit them on the ass, on the thighs, on the back. You have to stay away from the truly sensitive parts, you can’t whip their pussy, their front, you can’t leave welts in front. Sometimes a slave is used to a traditional whipping, so they deserve a different punishment.

This slut didn’t deserve a warm up, especially with those amazing breasts just begging for the cane. She didn’t think it would hurt so badly, but when I striped her nipples she started screaming like I was peeling her skin. That wasn’t the start of what she was getting though. She may have expected a blistered ass, but I whipped her stomach, thighs and pussy like she was getting punished for robbing a bank. The louder she screamed, the more I loved the getting those red stripes all over her body.

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Sometimes, rarely, I will let a new slut keep her identity hidden. This was Lola’s first whipping, so I decided to be generous and let her keep at least some privacy on film. She had never experienced anything like this before, so I made her strip down naked for me so I could inspect her before I ever got to beating her. She had the best ass, so I really looked forward to making her scream in pain.

She didn’t complain two much when the first couple of blows landed. I don’t think she understood that I was taking it easy on her ass. The slut had a better understanding after I started whipping her along her thighs hard enough to get her skin nice and red. Then the screams and moans of pain started coming loud and hard. She begged me to stop, she told me she didn’t want any more, but I wasn’t through teaching her what happens when she acts like a slut and begs to get caned. She all ready got what little grace I was going to give by letting her leave on her mask, she had to take her whipping until I was sure she wouldn’t forget the experience.

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Nature provides, sometimes it’s easy to forget with all the manufactured crops, canes and clamps that you can rely on nature herself when you need to properly punish a slut. Switches have worked for centuries, and you can find all sorts of nasty little canes in the fields. The blonde slave thought I was crazy when I brought her out to a grain field in the middle of the day, she didn’t see how I was going to discipline her using the little strands. I made sure she held that illusion as long as she could.

That naughty little slut didn’t know what was coming when I picked out an appropriate switch, at least not until the first stripe landed across her ass. Then she was a believer in ‘getting back to nature’ I lashed her ass, thighs and pussy until she had a great blistered ass. The switch even splintered nicely, so that she couldn’t adjust, since the lashes changed with each strike. She must have decided that nature is her thing though, because I could tell that her cunt was getting wet by the end of the lashing, when the sun showed off her lovely red welts.

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New slaves need to be properly softened up when they first come into service; they need to know what kind of punishment they can expect for disobedience, and how our masters like to spank their slaves to show them proper discipline. We have all sorts of implements to redden a slave’s ass, but sometimes the classics of riding crop and bare hand are the best means to prove to the slave that any slave will be punished for even the simplest infractions.

We had two new sluts ready for training, they had no idea what was in store for their first lessons. The brunette managed to be stoic for a while, she barely squeaked through the bare-handed spanking, but the riding crop across her nipples had her crying out for mercy. She ended up sniffing at the end of her discipline, but her pussy was wet when she knew she would get the treatment again. The blond thought she was tougher, but the crack of leather on skin had her pleading and begging. We spanked her puffy nipples and hot pussy until she understood her place as a slave. By the end of her punishment she was begging to serve, and she was wet and ready for whatever her master wanted for her.

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Sometimes a slave girl needs a reminder that she can’t get away from her punishment. When one tries to squirm away too much we bring in additional methods of restraint. One of our favorites is a metal wedge, because once a slave has that shoved up against her pussy, she becomes very reluctant to try to move too much. This slutty brunette didn’t believe it would affect her too much until we actually set her on the cold metal. It makes it easier for us to apply the proper level of discipline when they finally realize they are going nowhere.

She realized her predicament once the first blows of the lash started marking up her bare skin. She bucked every time the lash landed, which just ground her pussy up against the wedge even more. When a slave gets the lash, we make sure that her blistered ass gets the full treatment, and she knows exactly what kind of punishment will be the worst for her. This little slave squirmed every time we left a line across her breasts, and whenever the lash touched her skin, but that was nothing once we removed the wedge and went to work on her pussy. When that first blow landed she really knew that she was just a slut that deserved her punishment.

See this girl writhe in pain. Click here

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It’s ok to be scared of pain, we all realize that, but when your master tells you that you are going to be strapped up and whipped for his pleasure, that’s a pain that a good slave deals with and enjoys. This naughty slave hadn’t learned that lesson yet, so when she was told that she was going to be punished she actually thought she could resist the lesson. When we got her strapped in and stretched out for her punishment she lost some of the attitude and the reality of the situation settled in. She begged us not to do it, she said she changed her mind, and that she didn’t want her punishment on camera.

When that first stroke landed across her firm ass, her tone quickly changed from begging and pleading to lovely cries of pain. Her cute ass marked up so well that after only a few strokes she was striped in red, and only a few strokes later she gave up and succumbed to her punishment. We couldn’t have that though, her blistered ass wasn’t enough for us. We gave this slut a few blows on her lovely pussy as well until she was as red between her cheeks as she was over them!

See more here

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Let it never be said that we don’t fully inform our girls what will happen to them when they take some of the most severe caning we can administer. When one girl says they are curious about how bad it can really be, we show them! We brought in our well-trained girl and bent her over for a nice hard spanking that leaves red stripes all over her bare ass. She took the blows quietly, since she knows if she complains too much that it just means she is going to get more marks all over her blistered ass. After she got her caning she showed off like a nice little girl for our curious blonde.

That convinced the blonde that it couldn’t be too bad, and she quickly pulled up her skirt and asked us to give her the best blows we could. She didn’t know what she was asking, but we were happy to show her exactly what she was in for as we reddened her ass with a quick series of blows. We loved to hear her scream and cry out, and by the end she was ready to show off her reddened ass like a good little girl. It shows that sometimes a girl just needs the proper discipline, and we are always happy to administer it.

See this Russian girl get punished. CLICK HERE

New bondage models often have no idea what it really means to get the punishment they deserve. They come to us thinking they will get a few swats and then they will get to show off their cute bodies for the camera, get a little bit red, and then be on their way. That’s certainly what new model Uschi expected when we told her she was going to get some time on the spanking horse.

It didn’t take long to disabuse her of that notion, her first clue that she was in for something she didn’t expect was the ropes making sure she couldn’t escape. The question in her eyes was delicious, and especially the surprise when that first blow from the cane landed. She wasn’t expecting the pain or the red striping, and she quickly was squirming and crying out every time the switch landed across her pretty ass. She had the perfect ass for raised marks, and we quickly covered it in red from her punishment. By then end of the session she begged us to get off the horse, but when we did let her go and showed off her red striping, she quickly was ready for another go!

CLICK HERE to see the whole spanking horse punishment

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Serious Punishment and Breast Torture
A petite girl is chained up in the mans cellar along with his collection of prized wine bottles. This stupid whore was knocking on his door early in the morning, awakening him from his Sunday morning lay in. Flinging open his front door to confront the bitch, she wanted to tell him about the word of God. Informing the girl that god could suck his cock, he dragged her into his home and this is how she became his personal slave. Now back to the dungeon where he is inflicting some serious punishment onto her. The metal pronged whip is leaving a nice collection of red marks all over her breasts and chest as she screams out in pain. Unable to see him due to the blind fold over her eyes.

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Serious Punishment on Breasts and Blistered Ass
As she lays on her back in the master’s dungeon, she tries to work out what she did to deserve such a serious punishment. Casting her mind back to a few days prior she realizes that she talked back to him on one occasion. It must have taken him a few days to think of a suitable method of punishment and I must say this is a most clever one. On her back in his cold damp dungeon, she is completely naked with all of her body exposed. Starting with the heels of her feet and working down the complete length of her body his rubber cane marks her body.

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Serious Punishment on Blistered Ass
Forced to strip naked and wearing nothing but her sexy black high heal shoes, this submissive whore is handcuffed to a heavy wooden poll in the masters back garden. Screaming out in pain from this serious punishment, every slap and hiss of his whip hits her soft tanned flesh. He also does not listen to her cries but instead puts more force into his actions. The red lines from his whip soon mark her skin, which brings great pleasure and excitement to him. So much so that with a raging hard on inside his pants, he must sodomise her from behind while she is still chained up outside.

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school girl spanked on the bare

I just joined a new site and I really like some of the new content they have so I had to blog about it. There is a new site called HD Spank and their spanking videos are in High Def. I’m not much of a audio/video geek and never really cared if my TV is in HD or not, but now that I have seen HD spanking – I’m hooked. When I see a bare bottom getting spanked – I love to see the detail, the more the better.

I just love the face of this insolent looking school girl. She has a look of being a strong willed brat that needs a good bare bottom thrashing. Oh, and does she get spanked – her beautiful bottom is spanked until it is bright red. Her spanking started out OTK, but obviously that wasn’t enough to give this girl the attitude adjustment she needed so the strap is brought out and her bare bottom gets several hard blows with a leather strap! Gallery provided by HD Spanking.

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There is a brand new spanking site out and it’s called Rough Man Spank. When I first saw the name I thought it was a femdom site where women spank men or something. The name doesn’t lead one to think it’s the kind of site where you would find female corporal punishment.

They are marketing this spanking site as some kind of spanking club that is a secret society… yeah right. After checking out this site this is the deal… It looks like most of these corporal punishment videos are filmed in Eastern Europe or maybe Germany. The video quality is good, but there are not many good spanking photographs.
If you just want to watch the spanking videos you will be fine.
The photos in the galleries are screen caps of the movies… so if they look like crap it’s because screen caps always suck – the videos are good tho.

Other than that the girls are attractive and there is a authentic quality about these spanking scenes. They don’t look as polished as some of the work coming from the more professional studios. The gritty authentic quality is hot and the spanking models all take severe punishments. This is a site that is worth checking out.

Gallery Provided by Rough Man Spank.

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Ok, a few more Sarah pics. I new that she had done a good number of spanking scenes from RSI so I had to go and look, and I was right. She does have a very nice body and a very tight little bottom that is perfect for spanking. When her blond hair is in pig tails she makes a very convincing naughty school girl.

Considering that the economy is still shitty the Real Spankings crew has a special offer called the Spanking Pass. With one pass you get access to ALL of their spaking sites. It’s quite a good deal for a budget minded spanko. If you havn’t joined yet, this is probably the best time. Get a spanking pass and then download every movie they have ever made. You will be happy to have these spanking video in your collection!!!

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I’ve seen this spanking model around quite a bit. She has a very nice body and she always takes quite harsh punishments. She goes by the name of “Sarah” at RSI. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her receive a light spanking.

I wonder if she is still making the rounds and filming spanking videos. When she was at the real spankings institute they made a good number of spanking videos featuring her. I hope she continues to make movies because I love watching her tight little bottom get turned bright red.

Pictures provided by Real Spankings Institute

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Yum! I always love new videos from the crew at Real Spankings. This spanking model has a very nice bottom and it looks great when It’s all red and tender.

The Real Spankings crew always do a good job when they make spanking videos. They are harsh but not brutal. Their spanking models are all quite attractive and they all get spanked very, very well.

I think the Real Spankings crew lives and films in Denver, CO. I wonder if they fly in spanking models from around the world or if they find enough talent in Denver?? I figure some of both. I’ve noticed that in some of their spanking videos they use two different cameras. One camera they put just on the girls face and another just on her bottom, and then they give you both clips to watch. It’s a great way to film a spanking video, I think.

Pictures provided by Real Spankings Institute

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Spanking Gallery

If I had to pick only ONE spanking and it was the only site I could visit (yes that would be terrible) I’d have to go with The Girls Boarding School. I think they do a great job making spanking videos. The punishments are harsh but not brutal like Lupus Spanking.

Girls Boarding School mostly focuses on school girl punishment and occasionally some domestic discipline. The school girl theme always does it for me and I think they do it well at GBS. The girls are usually wearing believable costumes – they look like real school girls. The punishments they receive are very real and are often followed by corner time.

I think this spanking gallery does a good job capturing what happens at the GBS. We have a unfortunate school girl that just learned a hard lesson. She is sent back to her room with her panties down, crying, and carrying the cane that was just used on her bottom.

As you can see from the marks on her bottom, she was given a very serious punishment. It was harsh but not sadistic. She has some marks and bruises and a bottom that will be quite sore for a few days. I’d say she won’t forget this spanking, but the girls at GBS are very slow to learn. I’m sure she will be in trouble again in due time.

One of the other things I like about GBS is they tend to have very nice and often interesting sets that often include old house and the like. It doesn’t look like a cheep production that was done in a hotel room. It’s very professional and it looks great.

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I love watching a really good hand spanking. Don’t get me wrong, all forms of spanking and the various implements are all wonderful, but there is something special about a good hand spanking. A lot of people new to the spanko scene are usually surprised at just how much a good hand spanking can hurt.

I think a lot of people see hand spanking as just playing, something for beginners, or just fun. A firm hand spanking on a bare bottom can be a very serious punishment if done correctly. The only thing that sucks it that your hand can get quite sore!!!

I also think a good hand spanking is the most erotic form of spanking. Your hand is actually coming in contact with a lovely bare bottom. You can feel the flesh, you can feel it get warm as the blood rushes to the surface. You can caress the bottom when the spankee is right on the edge and needing a break.
All in all, hand spanking is the bread and butter of a spanko diet!!!

This gallery is from the Real Spanking’s Institute. These guys live and film in Denver, Colorado. They are true spankings and I think their site is on of the best spanking sites on the net. You can tell they really love what they do. They put a lot of work into the quality of their spanking productions.

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Spanking Gallery

What a delicious bottom this bad girl has!!! I like how her pants are down around her ankles and how the spanker has a firm grip on her arm. I can just imagine that this girl mouthed off to one of her teachers and he was not in a good mood. He grabbed a paddle and told her to drop her pants!!! He grabbed her arm firmly and then started landing blows on her perfect butt.

This bad girl gets her bare bottom well paddled and I’m sure she will be sore for a few days. Strict domestic discipline like this will often leave marks and bruises that will last a week. I’m sure this bad girl will have good marks to remind her not to smart off!!!

You can see more bad girls punished at The Girls Boarding School

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Spanking Gallery

This picture is a little confusing. We have two girls who are attending the Girls Boarding School and they take turns spanking each other. This is not a normal punishment spanking, this is not domestic discipline. This is not one girl punishing her girlfriend. This is just two girls taking turns spanking each other. I guess they just enjoy it!!! I would think that they get more than enough spanking at The Girls Boarding School, but I guess I’m wrong.

These girls don’t really go easy on each other either. These girls spank each others bare bottom quite hard. I just love watching a good bare bottom spanking!

Gallery provided by Girls Boarding School.

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Surfing around I found a great new blog by Cin-d-girl and Dave and a wonderful true spanking story:

We stopped near a huge old tree, and Dave nodded toward it. I hesitated, looked around, tried to still my heart, swallow hard. All of those things all at once most likely. This was a very new experience!

I pressed myself against the tree, pulled my skirt up, pushed my panties down, and the unmistakable sounds of his belt leaving it’s loops carried to me, and then the first LOUD swat landed. I think we were both very still after that. I know that I looked out through the trees to see if anyone stopped … if any alarms were about to be raised … if anyone was peering into the trees to see what that sound had been.

So far so good!

He stepped back and spanked again. A hard spank, and again my ears strained to hear someone running to the rescue … shouts of alarm … and nothing!

More spanks, hard spanks. They built in intensity as our courage built. It was not a punishment spanking, but the intensity of emotion was nearly overwhelming. I had never experienced anything like this before. The spanks would push me into the tree … my groin … ok, clit … would brush against the rough bark, and then the belt would land again. Again and again. (more…)

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spanking caning movie

I just found this site Spanking Server that has a lot of very nice movies that you can download and watch. These images are from a movie titled “Illegal Download” by Pain4fem. The actual movie is in German but that didn’t hamper my enjoyment – the “language” of spanking is fairly universal. Actually, I find a foreign language to be very sexy. The spanking models were all very attractive and the video was of a very nice quality. They have some models that I haven’t seen before and it was nice to see the new faces (or should I say new butts). There was a good mix of OTK hand spanking, bare bottom strapping, and caning that definitely left marks. I was impressed and I’d recommend checking them out if you are looking for spanking videos: Spanking Server. The videos are in Real Media format and if you do get them I’d also recommend Real Alternative which is a free media player to watch the videos. The regular Real Player isn’t very good.

OTK Spanking Picbare bottom spanking picspanking bench
p4f-18.JPGpicture of beautiful bottomvideo of bare bottom strappingphotos of punished female bottom

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This is an advertisement for www.bennetts.co.uk a company that sells motorcycle insurance. I have no idea what a bunch of girls spanking each other has to do with motorcycles or insurance. Go figure, they are a British company. What is up with you Brits and spanking? Must be something in the water.

I know a lot of you spanking snobs will think this video sucks because It’s not REAL spanking and far too vanilla for your tastes, but I think the more these type of things get out there the better. I think playful spanking videos like this are a great way lessen the stigma of sexual spanking. It might also wake up a few latent spankos and spark some interest.

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girl birtched

“Would you just spank me already so I can quit standing in this stupid position!”

Gallery link: Naughty Maid Spanked and Caned. Provided by Lupus Pictues.

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girl birtched

“Oh shit, I’m in deep trouble now. I swear I will never, ever, ever be a brat again!”

Gallery link: Slave Girl Birtched in Dungeon. Provided by Lupus Pictues.

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I’ve always had the hunch that the Brits were more into spanking that the rest of the planet, but after checking out Google’s Web Trends I now have concrete proof.

The city with the most people searching for the term “spanking” is Milton Keynes. In fact the UK has 9 out of 10 cities listed for the most spanking searches. When looking at regions instead of cities UK comes in first place.

Perhaps I’ll have to take my next vacation in the UK!



Stats from Google Trends

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girl spankedschool girl spanked with paddle
OTK Spankingread ass from spanking

This is a great set of spanking pictures in my opinion. Many of the elements I like to see in a spanking scene are present: cute girl, well shaped round bottom, OTK warm up, and a finale with harsh spanks with a an implement. I’m assuming the whistle around the spanker’s neck is to signify that he is a gym coach. I guess the bottom here is supposed to be a naughty school girl that is being punished for some random infraction – the usual lame setup. The pictures are great though!

Pictures provided by Real Spankings Institute

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Supposedly this was an epsode of Love Bits that was band from TV. The girl knows what she wants (A good spanking), but the guy doesn’t seem to know what to do.

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Aren’t these red ass cheeks just yummy? This girl has been paddled hard with her panties on and then paddled hard with her panties down. There is nothing wrong with paddling over panties as long as the paddling finishes up with panties down. I’m not sure why, but isn’t there something totally sexy about the act of pulling panties down before or during a spanking?

The paddle in this picture is a small hand paddle – do they have a special name? I think they should be called something else other than a paddle to distinguish them from the larger traditional looking paddle. From the looks of this paddled bottom I’m guessing she got many rapid strokes in succession – probably just as painful as a few hard licks with a full sized paddle.

Pictures provided by Real Spankings Institute

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Bonnie from My Bottom Smarts posed an interesting question:

Have you tried to introduce the subject of spanking to your partner? Did your partner first raise the topic to you? If so, what approach did you or your partner use and how well did it work? If you had the same opportunity again, would you proceed in a similar fashion?

To answer your question Bonny, I believe in taking the direct approach and doing so early on in a relationship. I don’t like to beat around the bush. (Ok, that gave me a funny visual – I didn’t mean it THAT way). I’ve had the best luck in new relationships with just brining up the topic of sexual kinks. I ask my partner, potential partner, what she likes or what really turns her on. Then I mention my spanko fetish. If she is turned off by the idea of spanking or has no interest at all in it well that is something I want to know ahead of time. Relationships without spanking are just not as fun.

I learned this the hard way though. It is a lot harder when you have been in a relationship for some time and you have never broached the subject. You ask your partner what really turns them on and they say something like, “Scented candles and a back rub” and you are thinking, “A leather strap and bottom marks.” That can be tricky. So I’ve vowed to just be honest up front and I think that is the best way.

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On of my favorite daily stops on the net is Angle Brat’s Blog . She always has something funny or cute and she finds the best cartoons and silly pictures. She seems like she is really happy and enjoys herself. She always brightens up my day a little. So visit her site if you haven’t yet!

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I just found a new spanking site that I think is really good: Spanking Mags

They have a lot of spanking pics and videos that I haven’t seen yet. The sets the videos are shot on are unique. I absolutely love this gallery because of the religious overtones. We have a bunch of girls who are obviously in big trouble for something and there is a very upset looking Nun holding a heavy leather strap. Each of the girls gets it a good bare butt strapping. I like the art work on the wall and I wonder if these pics were taken in a real church or cathedral. The uniforms and clothing all look unique and the lighting is good. The only think I think is a little weird is the pictures in the gallery where one of the girls is made to stick her face in another girls bare buttock. I’m guessing this is supposed to be a humiliation technique? It doesn’t do much for me, but as they say: “different strokes for different folks.”

Link to video sample: Catholic girls group spanking video

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I found a nice account of a true spanking over at Emily Gets Spanked

As soon as I arrived he took me by my arm and marched to the living room. He turned me to face him and commanded me to look at him. It’s so hard to look into the disappointed eyes of the man that will soon have me over his knee for a spanking, but I did not dare disobey. He went over why I was going to be punished and made me repeat back to him what I was hearing. Once he felt that I was fully aware of the crime, he began. He led me to the bedroom…


That was all he said! I wanted to cry! I’m not embarrassed to be naked in front of him at all, but the imbalance of him being completely clothed (down to his shoes) and me being completely naked is extremely powerful for me emotionally. I know that I have no say and I know that I will be punished until he feels I have learned my lesson–I also wouldn’t have it any other way. Even so, it’s still tremendously overwhelming to stand before the one you answer to as he watches you strip every article of clothing from your body. (more…)

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Katie Spades strapedKatie Spades spanked on her bare ass

EDIT 12/2/06: Ok – I just found out that this is not Katie Spades – I was wrong. Katie Spades is even more attractive and more spankable. Her personal blog can be found at: Katie Spades

Ok, I love this set. If I’m not mistaken this model is Katie Spades. Katie Spades is probably on of my favorite spanking models because she is such a doll and just so spankable. She is known to take quite harsh punishments. I really like the leather strap used on Katies bare bottom here as it looks well worn from use. Katie’s butt looks well worn as well and it’s displaying a beautiful red. The still shot is great where it catches her butt cheek right in the tender sweet spot.

Pictures provided by Real Spankings Institute

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I like the pictures at Real Spankings Institute because they seem real enough to trigger my willful suspension of disbelief. I think this girl looks really cute in her pigtails and with the bow that is around her neck. However, she looks a lot better bent over the desk with her bare buttocks exposed for the cain. It looks like she takes some nice strokes. I also like how the cain marks really stand out on her beautiful creamy skin. I wonder what she did wrong? Shooting spitballs at the teacher? Enjoy the spanking pictures!

Pictures provided by Real Spankings Institute

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I found these fun clips of playful spanking on Youtube. I love candid spanking videos like this. I enjoy watching how everyone is “just playing” or pretending they are doing something goofy. I have a feeling that this it is a lot more than just something goofy – I think we have some spankos here that are getting turned on. I’d bet that they privately wish to dispense with the “just goofing” facade and engage in some real erotic spanking. I can just feel the erotic tension in the room as everyone is suppressing their inner spanko.

These type of videos usually don’t last very long on YouTube because of the moral scolds, so I archived them for posterity. If you find that they are not working come back a little later and I should have the cached version up.

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This site is still kind of new, but it’s starting to get some good traffic. I plan on working on it a lot and improving it the best I can. If you would like to help or contribute to BlisteredAss please click on “contact me” and send an email. If you have some spanking stories please submit them and I’ll post ‘em. If there is something you would like to see let me know.

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Hello spankos! Sorry I haven’t posted in some time – I’ve been busy working on other projects. Anyhow, several spanking sites have released new pictures and videos and I’ll do my best to show you all the highlights. This is actually an older pic I found at Spanking Digital. I really like this shot because it looks like a spanking that couldn’t wait for a proper place or position. (Honestly, I think all places are proper for a spanking.) But this pic has that immediate quality that says you need to be spanked right here and now, “grab the banister.” The leather strap used on this girls bottom looks rather thick and heavy. No doubt this girl will have one sore bottom.

Watch this full screen download and many others like it at Spanking Digital.

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I think these are some nice spanking videos. The punishment starts off OTK (as a good spanking should) and then procedes to a farily severe caning. And I must say the punished brat has quite a beautiful bottom!

Videos courtesy of Girls Boarding School

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I found a nice spanking story and got premission from the author to post it.

Punished Wife by Victoria Wood:

Val was sitting on the bed reading in her nightgown, dreading the sound of footsteps on the stairs. She had been a very bad girl, and her husband was no doubt going to spank her bare bottom until she could barely sit down. She would cry and cry, but he would show no mercy. He was strict and never let her off the hook. But he was sexy and powerful and charismatic and wealthy – and she loved him. There is no way she would ever give him up, even if it meant a lifetime of punishment. She would just have to learn to behave herself better than she had for the last two years.

Michael entered the room and saw his beautiful wife sitting on the bed, but he was not moved. She had disobeyed him and was in serious trouble. Pretty soon, he would have her over his knee, watching her sweet white bottom turning crimson, as she cried and pleaded and squirmed and wriggled, trying to get away from the hairbrush or the paddle or the belt. He hadn’t quite decided. But one thing was clear. She needed to be taught a serious lesson. Why did she have such a hard time understanding who was boss in their marriage? (more…)

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No, this isn’t mine. But I want one now.


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When it comes to bottom marks I think the cane leaves the best. There is no mistaking the double line left by a swift cane stroke. This picture from Spanked School Girls is a very fine example of a well caned ass. This bottom has been well peppered by many swift strokes. The welts are definitely visible and indicative of a very harsh punishment. It appears that the individual wielding the cane had some skill and accuracy as the stripes seem well spread out over this school girl’s ass and just a few strokes were delivered to the sweet spot: that most sensitive and delicate area where the upper thighs meet the buttock. This girl will not be sitting comfortably for quite some time.

Photo courtesy of Spanked School Girls

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My favorite sound is the sound of leather cracking on a bare bottom. From the looks of this lovely impact shot from Spanked School Girls I’m guessing that this made quite a loud smack. Actually, I’m not guessing because I watched the video. And we are not talking about just one crack but many delivered in repetition. I can just imagine this girl who is obediently bent over hearing the crack a fraction of a second before the searing pain strikes her bare ass like a thunderbolt. As the pain slowly dissipates through out her buttocks, hips, and upper things she is probably thinking that she can’t possibly take any more and then: CRACK!

Photo courtesy of Spanked School Girls

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I found another great spanking story, I really like this one because it is a beach spanking and because it involves a belt. I found this on Bonnies blog – someday, I hope my spanking blog is as cool as hers!

On this night, the roar of the ocean seemed to be reduced to a gentle purr. The tide was out and the moon was full. The fresh breeze caused me to shiver ever so slightly, as much with anticipation as in reaction to the cool night air.

Across the broad beach and down to the water’s edge my lover led me. Not a word was spoken. Not a word was required. He knew well the carnal desires we share. The time to unleash them was nearly at hand.

The cold sand compressed beneath my bare feet, seemingly determined to delay my moment of truth. I too was determined. We had waited too long for this moment. There could be no turning back. Fate lay before me in the lapping waves.

Upon reaching land’s end, I silently removed my clothing. My lover positioned me at the very point where the waves were breaking. He gestured for me to lie on my front with my head facing the shore. Over and over, the chilly sea water surrounded me and then receded. In the waves, I felt suddenly one with the mother of us all. It was a peaceful, reassuring thought.

My consciousness was swiftly returned to the here and now by the familiar sound of a gentleman’s leather belt snaking its way toward liberation. My lover intended to spank me here in the water. I knew this, yet somehow, the notion seemed strangely novel. I craved the sweet release, yet I wasn’t certain I was prepared for the requisite pain.

Read the rest at My Bottom Smarts

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I can’t be the only one who thinks the look of pain and fear can be a beautiful thing. The face is like an instrument panel that gives constant feedback. The scrunched brow, closed eyes, wrinkeled nose, clenched teath, and especially the involuntary open mouth yelping in pain are like the lights and dials of our insturment panel. Spanking wouldn’t be much fun without this feedback. Humans (well most) have a natural ability to feel empathy with one who is suffering. When I look into the eyes and face of a bottom I’ve spanked I experience strong feelings – as though the emotions of the spankee are transfered to me. I think this emotional feedback and psychic transfer between bottom and top allow a very special bond to occur that is unique among us spankos.

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Now these are some nice bottom marks! It’s kind of funny how bottoms are so proud of their marks. If you go to a spanko forum you will find countless pictures posted of people showing off their marked up bottoms. It’s surreal, but it does make sense. Bottoms should be proud of their marks, welts, or bruises as it does demonstrate the ordeal they endured. It’s also interesting how some bottoms mark very easily while others can take a very server beating and barely show anything. I wonder if the latter feel cheated as they either have to work much harder to achieve their trophy or don’t get one at all.

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I’m in a grouchy fucking mood! I’ve been messing with webservers all night. Maybe if I spanked some ass it would make me feel better? Don’t have much to say about this photo as it’s kind of marginal. I find that a lot of the spanking porn out there is marginal. Somday when I get more free time I’m gonna do something about that. I’ll make my own if necessary!


This photo is from Spank My Bottom.

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I found some great spanking stories at Jujubees site. I particulary like this one because it involves a belt – which is my favorite impliment.

Celia lifted her ruffled petticoat. “Don’t make me remind you to get your bloomers out of the way” He said sternly fingering the belt and gritting his teeth as he watched her bare her bottom for him.

Celia’s hands trembled as she parted her bloomers so that her bare bottom was fully exposed. She cursed herself for being nervous as she bent over with her hands on the chair. She had been punished by Max on a regular basis ever since she was sixteen years old. He demanded complete obedience and compliance from his whores.

“I hate to do this Celia” Max said, though his words did not sound sincere.

Celia wanted to beg for him to let her transgression slide just once or for him to give her a less harsh punishment, but she knew he wouldn’t allow that. Max was known for whipping his whores firmly and frequently, and although Celia was his favorite, even she could not escape his retribution.

“Hold still and don’t make a sound or I’ll make you truly sorry” Max warned.

He didn’t need to remind her, she knew full well what the rules were. “Yes sir” she choked in a dry and feeble voice. Her heart was beating a mile a minute and she was fully aware of just how sorry he was about to make her.

SMACK! The crack of the belt struck her bare flesh. Her eyes closed and her lips quivered as the pain began to sink in. She knew better than to make a sound. Her hands gripped the base of the chair firmly and she willed herself to remain still.

SMACK! The second strike landed with equal intensity. “If I ever catch you buying dope again, I’ll – “SMACK! He didn’t bother to finish his sentence.


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Isn’t this a beautiful photo? I’m thinking about getting this for my office.

Peepeye Photography.

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Sale of spanking tool points up larger issue. You thing? I found this on Fliker and I have no idea about the origion. I’d love to read the origional story.


I love it when they advertise!


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One of the most humorous posts I’ve read in a while was written by Frank at Fantastic Spanking. He was lamenting the lack of creativity in spanking videos and proposed 10 alternatives:

1. “Now, young lady, you’re in college now! You should know better than to push your little brother into the Grand Canyon!”

2. “Oh my gosh! We’re at the Super Bowl, with billions of people watching on television! This is SO COOL! You MUST spank my on my totally bare bottom right now!”

3. “You over-reported our corporate earnings by HOW MUCH! For that you deserve a good spanking!”

4. “OK, (pant, pant), we’ve cycled over 2,000 miles, over mountains and through deserts (pant, pant). Can I please have that spanking you promised me now?”

5. “You got a ticket for what? Naked gardening? You’re going to get a good spanking for that, mister!”

6. “Now, missy, I know that the boys next door tease you, but that is no reason to fill their house with 2 million bees and then sic a herd of hungry lions on them when they come running out! As your punishment, you’re going to get my belt to your butt!”

7. “So, now that you’ve won a gold medal at the Winter Olympics in figure skating, what are you going to do next?” “I’m going home to get a spanking!”

8. “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing!” “Well, you did, so no one else got any. For that, I’m going to take a hairbrush to your bare butt!”

9. “Weren’t you supposed to be in Iowa shilling for U.S. presidential candidate John McCain? Instead you stayed home and played cards! For that, I’m going to spank you but good!”

10. “Instead of cutting the grass, you were doing what? Blogging? Mister, I’m going to give you a good spanking!”

I love those!

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This gorgeous bottom gets strapped and caned. There is something about the quality of these photos that is outstanding. I think it’s because they have the appearance of authenticity. A lot of spankos associate severity with authenticity. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for severity if done correctly and not taken too far. However, great spanking pictures need not be brutal to convey the a sense of authenticity. I can’t quite put my finger on why I like this set of pictures. I think there is something about the desk and the way the bottom is bent over it. Perhaps it’s the close up of the impact shot? Whatever the case, I have to give props to Spanked School Girls for this excellent gallery. It was hard picking only 3 images as there were so many good ones from this series, but I figured I should save a few for when I have nothing to post about.


Photos Photos cutesy of Spanked School Girls

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My favorite spanking model Katie Spades now has an on line store with some exclusive videos. I haven’t had time to watch ‘em yet – but you can bet your blistered ass that I will. There are only two posted now, but I definitely think we should all encourage her and Jake to keep making them!

You an read more about them at her blog or get them at her store

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Found a nice little true spanking account at Cassie’s Space:

Tom got the school paddle from the drawer and put me across his lap. He said “If you feel we need new spanking tools enough to sneak off to some sex shop to get them perhaps I am just not using the ones we have to their full effect.” I could tell from his tone that he was really mad. He may think he gives a warm up when he is mad but I don’t see it that way. I was still dressed but he was burning me up! He was talking about the stupid shopping trip but I wasn’t getting it all.

I had already started crying by this time, but tears don’t impress Tom when he is in the middle of things. He stood me up but I had no hope that he was finished. Tom stood up with me and asked “Cassie, why did you lie to me?” Well that question made me cry harder. I felt just awful. And I truly don’t know why I lied! I had already been caught; I knew he was going to spank me. What was I possibly thinking?? He told me to take off my pants and he knows it hate to do it myself. He bent me over the bed and shuttered as I heard him remove his belt. I belt on top of the paddling on top of him being so mad was just horrible. I guess this was the worse spanking I have had in quite a while.

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If you need to paddle some ass the paddle must have holes – that’s my rule! A paddle without holes is like de-caffeinated coffee and that is no good. Many bottoms fear the paddle and think it is the worst of all implements. Kattie Spades has stated that she fears the paddle more than the cane and that it is only used for punishment spankings. Personally, I’d put the cane on the the top of my list. I find it fascinating how different implements have dramatically different psychological affects from one bottom to the next. I like to hear stories of why a specific implement has the psychological or emotional significance it does. If you’ve got some some interesting stories like this, let me know – I’d like to hear about it.

I remember when I was a young boy a female student told me how her dad drilled holes in the paddle that he used on her to make it hurt more. That has always stuck in my mind and I don’t think I will ever forget it. According to Wikipedia, the idea to drill holes in paddles was discovered in the 1930s by a US teacher, Harold Spencer. The holes reduce the un-aerodynamic cushioning effect of air right before impact. Additionally, they alter the surface area of the paddle in a manner that applies more force to the area of skin that comes in contact with the edge of the hole following its circumference (for safety the holes should be beveled and smoothed to keep the skin from breaking). Whether or not Spenser was the first person to figure this out (I’m always skeptical about “first discoveries”) tradition has awarded the this paddle with the title of “Spencer Paddle”.

Photos Courtesy of Girls Boarding School.

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One of the great things about the spanking fetish is all the cool toys – paddles, canes, floggers, straps, tawses, etc., etc. And that doesn’t count all the great items found around the house like hair brushes, belts, rulers, bath brushes, etc. However, as cool and fun as all these spanking implements are there is nothing like a good bare butt hand spanking delivered over the knee. A good otk spanking is like apple pie. Sure there are a lot of great deserts out there, but apple pie will always be damn good. For me, delivering a otk spanking is the most sensual, intimate, and refined form of spanking. The lady is bent over your lap with her back side delivered up for the perfect view. By using your hand you can feel each impact, you can feel the muscles tighten, and you can feel the warmth of the bare skin as the blood rushes to the surface. And best of all you are in a perfect position to caress and gently stroke the bottom, thighs and whatever else may need attention.

Photos Courtesy of Girls Boarding School.

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A true spanking account that I really enjoyed reading was at Tiggr’s bog where she writes:

So how was I spanked and with what? Hard and long, with the most loathsome of our implements, in positions that are hardest for me to maintain or make me the most uncomfortable. As to the implements, there were many and I’m sure I won’t now recall them all but they included the infamous rubber strap, the long acrylic cane, the flexible rubber ruler, a VERY THICK, rough switch (more like a tree branch), the little leather flogger, the Attitude Adjuster paddle (basically a 2 x 4) and the short bamboo cane. Oh, and he rubbed it all in with the roughest hairbrush that we own.

First, just to add to my humiliation, Dante told me to strip completely… well, he let me keep my socks on as I get very chilly during hard spankings. Then he told me to stand up and put my palms down on the bed in front of me… the bed is on the floor so my bottom was quite high in the air. I arched my ass up as high as I could and spread my legs far apart, knowing precisely the position he wanted me to mantain.

My warm-up was with all the whippiest implements and left me squirming and whimpering from the very first strike. No place was off limits and he wielded the “toys” with mastery, bringing intense pain throughout my bottom, back, outer and inner thighs and all the way to the bottom of my calves.

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Tiggr writes in her blog:

I got spanked good last night. I got it good, and hard, and good again… it just kept getting better and better. It’s been building for days between us, this desire for me to be spanked and his desire to spank me. And last night we were both satisfied. He spanked until I begged him to stop, until his arm was sore and tired and aching… I wanted him to spank me beyond the pain, into the pleasure, beyond that to the ecstasy of subspace and the endorphin high I crave with my every breath. And I got my wish… boy, oh boy, did I get my wish.

Now go read the rest at A Spanking Good Time

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I found a great post at Confessions of an English Gentelman he writes:

At your first encounter with your submissive, how hard should you spank her? This may sound like a trivial question, but I think it touches on some of the conundrums (conundra?) around D/s. My instinctive answer to the question would be, just a bit harder than she thinks she can bear. Note I do not say harder than she can bear. There is always a gap between what in her mind she thinks she can endure, and what in practice she is able to take. At her first encounter she will be apprehensive, fearful of what she may have let herself in for, her head full of lurid tales of what can happen to girls who entrust themselves to strange men whom they know in advance take pleasure in causing pain. But a Dom who knows what he is doing can always, with the right combination of firmness and tenderness, coax her into taking more than she expected she could. Sometimes a lot more.

Never forget that submissives want, above all, to submit. That may sound like a statement of the obvious, but it bears thinking about. What she wants, most of all, is not the pleasure of having her bottom tingle or even throb. What she needs, down to the depths of her soul, is to be made to take what you want to give her. And submission must never be too easy. If she doesn’t have at least some resistance to it then you aren’t doing it hard enough. If she revels in the spanking, then you are merely giving her what she wants, not what she needs. Push her a bit harder, make her feel your power to control her, make her suffer and wriggle and protest. If the spanking is just a bit too hard, she may not exactly enjoy it at the time. But she’ll get a lot more satisfaction from it when it’s done.

Read the rest at Confessions of an English Gentelman

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This girl is really asking for it!


That is a mighty BIG Paddle!


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Saint Louis Leather and Lace is putting on a 3 day spanking party, November 17-19.

Spanksgiving is:

  • A wonderfully kinky 3-day Pansexual BDSM event
  • Open to the Leather/BDSM/Fetish community
  • An enlightening educational opportunity
  • W.E.T. (Workshop/Experience/Technique) sessions So…bring your toybags on Saturday morning/afternoon: This is hands on!
  • Dynamic play parties on Friday and Saturday

Sounds like a very interesting way to spend Thanksgiving. Considering that I live so close it is tempting, but I don’t think it is in the cards this year. Perhaps next year.

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I just stopped by Katie Spades’s Blog and found out she is going to be on the Howard Stern Show September 13th at 7:30 am EST. I’m not a big fan of the Howard Stern Show, but I’ll definitely have to make an exception for this.

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Kelly writes over at A Little Bit of Spanking and I’m excited because she’s our first friend. It sounds like she got a lot of good spanking with many different toys last night. I wonder if her need to be spanked has been quelled for a while? Well, I expect to hear a lot more from her and we’ll have to keep tabs on her blog. Did I mention that she has a grad “A” spankable butt? I’d link to the image, but you should visit her blog and see it for yourself – that way you can read about her recent spanking.

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This is a hot movie I found at Fetish Flixx. Rebecca Jordan failed her final exams and her mom gives her plump butt a sound caning that she won’t soon forget. If you like a good schoolgirl caning as much as I do you owe it to yourself to see this in high resolution.


Watch this full screan download and many others like it at Fetish Flixx.

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Damn – I accidentally deleted this post when trying to make a small edit. I can’t remember what I posted at the time… Something about anticipating a spanking and having to look at all the spanking implements beforehand.

Photos Courtesy of Girls Boarding School.

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