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Kelly was caught smoking again! This is not taken lightly at the Girls Boarding School where paddle strokes are administered for such infractions.
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A Belt Spanking – Story

Posted 09/29/06 | 0 Comments | Related: Spanking Stories

I found some great spanking stories at Jujubees site. I particulary like this one because it involves a belt – which is my favorite impliment.

Celia lifted her ruffled petticoat. “Don’t make me remind you to get your bloomers out of the way” He said sternly fingering the belt and gritting his teeth as he watched her bare her bottom for him.

Celia’s hands trembled as she parted her bloomers so that her bare bottom was fully exposed. She cursed herself for being nervous as she bent over with her hands on the chair. She had been punished by Max on a regular basis ever since she was sixteen years old. He demanded complete obedience and compliance from his whores.

“I hate to do this Celia” Max said, though his words did not sound sincere.

Celia wanted to beg for him to let her transgression slide just once or for him to give her a less harsh punishment, but she knew he wouldn’t allow that. Max was known for whipping his whores firmly and frequently, and although Celia was his favorite, even she could not escape his retribution.

“Hold still and don’t make a sound or I’ll make you truly sorry” Max warned.

He didn’t need to remind her, she knew full well what the rules were. “Yes sir” she choked in a dry and feeble voice. Her heart was beating a mile a minute and she was fully aware of just how sorry he was about to make her.

SMACK! The crack of the belt struck her bare flesh. Her eyes closed and her lips quivered as the pain began to sink in. She knew better than to make a sound. Her hands gripped the base of the chair firmly and she willed herself to remain still.

SMACK! The second strike landed with equal intensity. “If I ever catch you buying dope again, I’ll – “SMACK! He didn’t bother to finish his sentence.


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