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Girls Boarding School
Kelly was caught smoking again! This is not taken lightly at the Girls Boarding School where paddle strokes are administered for such infractions.
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Ass Whipped Until She Cums

Posted 05/30/11 | 0 Comments | Related: Red Bottom


The pains and pleasures of getting one’s ass whipped is what turned on this lovely lady in this hot scene. The two are a couple that has been practicing BDSM for a while now and with some trust, they take each other’s pleasure to the next level by introducing whips and chains to their sexual activities.

She’s hanging upside down, not knowing what to expect yet as her master circles her with a mighty whip. Little did she know she was going to get her ass spanked red and rather hard! Crack! A whip pelts her tight little ass. And another! Each time she gets whipped, her butt cheeks become redder with pain. More pain is more pleasure for this sick girl. The whips keep coming to her, more and more and each one brings her closer to the brink of an orgasm. Her toes being to tingle and her nipples hard and swollen, this girl is ready to explode.

Moments later, this girl cums due to the intense pain and the resulting pleasure she’s experiencing. The welts on her ass cheeks are a symbol and trophy of her exciting experience that she will hold onto, until the next time.

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