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Girls Boarding School
Kelly was caught smoking again! This is not taken lightly at the Girls Boarding School where paddle strokes are administered for such infractions.
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Blonde Gets Whipped with a Switch Outdoors

Posted 01/09/11 | 0 Comments | Related: Birtched,Birtching,Bottom Marks,Impact Shots

Nature provides, sometimes it’s easy to forget with all the manufactured crops, canes and clamps that you can rely on nature herself when you need to properly punish a slut. Switches have worked for centuries, and you can find all sorts of nasty little canes in the fields. The blonde slave thought I was crazy when I brought her out to a grain field in the middle of the day, she didn’t see how I was going to discipline her using the little strands. I made sure she held that illusion as long as she could.

That naughty little slut didn’t know what was coming when I picked out an appropriate switch, at least not until the first stripe landed across her ass. Then she was a believer in ‘getting back to nature’ I lashed her ass, thighs and pussy until she had a great blistered ass. The switch even splintered nicely, so that she couldn’t adjust, since the lashes changed with each strike. She must have decided that nature is her thing though, because I could tell that her cunt was getting wet by the end of the lashing, when the sun showed off her lovely red welts.

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