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Girls Boarding School
Kelly was caught smoking again! This is not taken lightly at the Girls Boarding School where paddle strokes are administered for such infractions.
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Spanking Photos Done Right.

Posted 09/22/06 | 0 Comments | Related: Perfect Spanking

This gorgeous bottom gets strapped and caned. There is something about the quality of these photos that is outstanding. I think it’s because they have the appearance of authenticity. A lot of spankos associate severity with authenticity. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for severity if done correctly and not taken too far. However, great spanking pictures need not be brutal to convey the a sense of authenticity. I can’t quite put my finger on why I like this set of pictures. I think there is something about the desk and the way the bottom is bent over it. Perhaps it’s the close up of the impact shot? Whatever the case, I have to give props to Spanked School Girls for this excellent gallery. It was hard picking only 3 images as there were so many good ones from this series, but I figured I should save a few for when I have nothing to post about.


Photos Photos cutesy of Spanked School Girls

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If you like traditional school girl punishment Spanked School Girls is the site to see! Beautiful models, realistic costumes, and beautifully disciplined butts. A must see!
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